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3" Megan Racing Exhaust 240sx

3" Megan Racing Exhaust on my N/A KA24DE 240sx.


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240sx fun
3" Megan Racing Exhaust, 3" Resonated Test Pipe. '91 240sx with KA24DE.

Megan Racing Type-2 Exhaust (240SX S13)
Sound clip of Megan Racing Type-2 Exhaust on 1990 Nissan 240SX (S13) SR20DET engine. 3'' downpipe. CAT is still there but emptied out inside.

1993 Nissan 240sx SR20DET Megan Racing 3" turbo back hks GT25 turbo HKS SSQV BOV
A quick drive of my 1993 NIssan 240sx. Right now it is at 10psi untuned, soon going to be getting tuned at 15psi. Mods include: Redtop SR20DET FMIC HKS GT25 turbo HKS SSQV BOV Full megan racing Exhaust (Megan Racing turbo manifold, 3" down pipe, 3" test pipe, 3" cat back) 550cc injectors Walbro 255lph fuel pump

240sx with 3 megan catback
pretty growly 240 for an n/a four cyl.

megan 3 inch cat back on S14
just make some noise!

s14 240sx ka24de Megan Racing type 2 exhaust in car
This is an in car shot of my s14 with a new 3" Megan Racing type 2 Exhaust installed and broken in. The camerawork is terrible at first but I didn't have a second person. I feel the note came across fairly accurately as to what it sounds like in the cabin. The window is down a little so as it gets up in speed you hear some wind noise.

ka24de, header back exhaust, brian crower cams
ka24de, HKS cat back, Megan racing headers and down pipe. factory cat. Brian Crower stage 2 cams, AEM intake. idle a little rev up and a 5th gear limiter hit.

S14 240sx Blitz Nur Spec R Exhaust KA24DE
for all of you guys out there askin me for more sound clips of the BLITZ... here it is... THIS NEW VID IS MORE DETAILED LOL... the day clips are self explanitory... -the night clips were all WITH THE SILENCER ON- the FIRST NIGHT CLIP is in the FRONT SEAT, then the next clip is in the BACK SEAT (NOTICE THE BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHERE YOU SIT IN THE CAR!!!), then the third clip is the car doing the same run but shot from the OUTSIDE, and the last clip is the car doing a FULL BLAST drive by... ENJOY! =] OK... that "RATTLING" sound the car makes at HIGH RPMs is his COLDAIR INTAKE... just to let ya know... =]

HellaFlush 240sx s13 90 coupe sr20det and full Megan Racing type-2 turboback exhaust
Brad's 1990 Nissan 240sx s13 coupe swapped with a 97-98 black top sr20det engine.

APEXi N1 exhaust clip
a little clip of my new APEXi N1 catback. SOHC 240sx with INJEN intake

240sx 2.5" Megan Racing Exhaust
93' 240sx with 2.5" megan Racing catback Exhaust and injen Cold Air Intake

SR20DET freshly swapped and running
Here is a 1991 Nissan 240sx with a freshly swapped SR20DET. Special thanks to the guys at Scorpion Auto Designs. ... all » www.scorpionautodesigns.com UPGRADES: APEXi Power Intake HKS ssqv blow off valve HKS Type 1 turbo timer Megan Racing 3" Drift Spec cat back system with 4" tip Megan Racing turbo Exhaust Megan Racing Downpipe Megan Racing Test Pipe Exedy Stage 2 Racing clutch FMIC by Godspeed Plenum Intake Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiator and Cap, Samco Sport Radiator Hoses Circuit Sports Oil Catch can Westco Sealed Mini Battery Flex-A-Lite Electric Fans

Megan Racing exhaust Honda Civic
better movie by daylight... this is with out the Megan R manifold en CAT-replacer.. so just from behind the CAT to the end... Civic MB 1998 modell 1.4is 16v SOHC 100bhp..

【ヤシオ】 Nissan 240SX KA24DE Tuned by Yashio Factory
Yashio Factory imported 240SX, sounding its Exhaust; Kasukabe plates, Yashio-shi, Saitama-ken, Japan Yashio Factory is a performance shop located in Yashio City, Saitama, Japan horsepower: The SR creates far more horsepower then a turbocharged KA. Although the KA has a 25% increase in displacement, the displacement is found in the stroke. The larger stroke limits the KA's ability to rev as high as the SR. Since HP = Torque(RPM)/5252 (torque @ a given RPM is multiplied by that RPM, then the answer is divided by 5252) higher revs will create higher HP readings. (You will notice on graphs that all engines have the same horsepower and torque at 5252 RPMs). Torque: The KA obviously creates far more low-end torque (created by the bigger stroke). Since torque is what moves you, you would think the KA would be the better choice. The SR, however, can easily overcome this loss in low-end torque. Since the KA redlines at approximately 6,000 RPMs and the SR at 7,500 RPMs the SR can create more low-end torque. How, you ask? Well there are two kinds of torque, engine torque and gear torque. The KA produces more engine torque and since the SR revs higher it can use a lower gear ratio too build more gear torque. The gear torque quickly increases the total torque output in a vehicle. Therefore, with the 25% increase in RPMs, the SR can produce comparable low-end torque. Weight: Obviously, this is a huge concern for any racer. Lighter weight means quicker acceleration, deceleration, and better handling. The SR is an all aluminum construction, while the KA has an iron block. Technology: The KA is a truck engine. It uses a distributor and is fuel injected. That is about the extent of its technology. The SR has direct ignition, and continuously variable valve timing (late model SR20s). This technology will give the SR a flatter torque curve then the KA. I know the saying goes, "There is no replacement for cubic displacement," but I would take the SR over the KA any day of the week. Besides, what would you rather have? A big block NASCAR engine or a F1 engine? SR20DET vs. KA24DE http://www.car-forums.com/s15/t1645.html SR20DET vs. KA24DE http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=1645

Megan Racing drift spec exhaust & headers, 97 honda civic ex
Megan Racing Drift Spec Exhaust system on a 1997 civic ex coupe with Megan Racing 4-2-1 headers.. yes, it burns a tinge of oil & there's some condensation.

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