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Crille och Prozac levererar på Kjula Dragway 2012

Kjula dragway pistonhead 2012


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Skogenracing: Projekt 50k - 629hp @ the wheels
Re-tuned now, instead of 437hp @ the wheels with 1.3bar of Boost it know manage 629hp @ the wheels on just 1.25 bar of bost. These are the changes: 2800cc, ported head, changed Exhaust camshaft

Liket Racing BMW Kjula 15/9 2012
Driver: Jonas Holmblad 1 run: 10.08 235Km/h 1,7 60 Fot 2 run: 9.80 236km/h 1,6 60 Fot Video and editing: Emil Führ (E-Fire) (emfu82)

Skogenracing: Ford Escort (Audi engine) VS Ford Taunus (BMW Engine)
Ford Escort with Audi 2.2 20v engine 670whell hp Ford Taunus with BMW 2.8 24v engine 579wheel hp

[Joe Gubb] - Togethia - Keep Your Mind Young - RS Combe 2012
Togethia - Keep Your Mind Young - RS Combe 2012 Togethia Media Services - http://blog.togethia.tv/ - http://togethia.tv/ - Joe Gubb - Driver for Gub Sport Drift UK Follow Joe on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GubsportDriftUk -- The day before the event of Round 3 Time Attack 2012, we had the pleasure of following local Devon based drifter Joe Gubb, to RS Combe 2012. For many years Joe's Escort has been an easily recognisable car attending events around the country, including a variety of Track, and Action days. In 2013 Joe is going to be competing for the first time, and will be entering in the British Drift Championship. Although currently without a sponsor, Joe's driving talent easily matches many of those competing today. Joe's passion and drive to excel within the sport, coupled with his unusual choice of car makes him a firm favorite amongst the spectators. Joe is currently seeking support and sponsorship, if you feel you or your company would like to help share in Joe's success, please email Joe with the contact information on screen. -- joe@gubsport.co.uk The day was a very emotional and hard one for all. Joe put in 110% effort along with a solid half hour of sideways entertainment, Joe had to retire due to big end bearing failure. Since this video was made the car has already been repaired to a higher specification than before, which should allow Joe to provide with more sideways action this year and next. Follow him on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GubsportDriftUk --- Audio Ultimate Driving Machine - Tom Schonfeld, Mark Henderson Mr FijiWiji - Loving, Laughing, and Dying EP - 06 Here With You ft. CoMa - http://youtube.com/MonstercatMedia -- Filmed - Tim F.Matthews, Simon Opie Edited - Tim F.Matthews Producers - Pete Farrow Follow us on Facebook: http://facebook.togethia.tv Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.togethia.tv Subscribe to us on Vimeo: http://vimeo.togethia.tv and on Youtube: http://youtube.togethia.tv Togethia Media Services - New Blog! -- http://blog.togethia.tv/ - http://togethia.tv/

Skogenracing: Ford Capri 1/8 mile (201m) 6.61s 114mph (184km/h)
Fast shifting?

www.mtracing.se På Kjula Dragway 2012

Kjula 120915
Team Bratt Racing sätter nytt rekord!

Kjula 2012-05-13, Garaget Racing, Pinnen
Kjula 2012-05-13 Garaget Racing Pinnen

Skogenracing: Trying to tune a Ford Taunus (Cortina)
Not easy, not easy at all

Team garaget camaro Y2K/Kjula 2012

Nocontrol.se - First 9sec Run, Kjula Dragway Pistonhead
First 9 sec run ever and first wheele ever. Really fun

Skogenracing: Ford Capri 2.8 turbo quartermile passes @ Midsummer festival Orsa (Tallhed)
Finaly a nine second car

Vebotrims 740 T5 : 10,12s @ 237km/h (Kjula dragway)
Bästa repan för dagen...mycket kan förbättras ! Notera dubbelkopplingen på 2an för att få igång turbon =) Best run today, alot of improvements can be done !

Skogenracing: Testing the launch controll
It sounds a bit mean on the sparkcut? :) Fuelcut on the last run

Mattz tests his newly built Ford Escort with Volvo 16v engine
Runs on methanol

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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Paul R., Engine: J32, Supercharger: Comptech Tires: BF goodrich Drag radials G-Force

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NA, Engine: V6 305HP, Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport PS2


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