Crille och Prozac levererar på Kjula Dragway 2012

Kjula dragway pistonhead 2012

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Skogenracing: Projekt 50k - 629hp @ the wheels
Re-tuned now, instead of 437hp @ the wheels with 1.3bar of Boost it know manage 629hp @ the wheels on just 1.25 bar of bost. These are the changes: 2800cc, ported head, changed Exhaust camshaft

Skogenracing: Ford Escort (Audi engine) VS Ford Taunus (BMW Engine)
Ford Escort with Audi 2.2 20v engine 670whell hp Ford Taunus with BMW 2.8 24v engine 579wheel hp

Beastracing på kjula
Beast racing på kjula 2012 PISTONHEAD SLIGHT RETURN 15-16 SEP