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ECRR Roll Racing - supercharged viper, 700 HP Z06, 6.0 GTO, LSx 3rd gen, whipple 03 cobra, etc

Bunch of roll run footage from the past few months. Enjoy, and be sure to subscribe for more racing vids to come!


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Supercharged Viper 876HP!
Start up and walk around. Wanna race?

Supercharged Dodge Viper GTS vs Supercharged 383 C5 Z06 Corvette
1996 Viper GTS with roe Supercharger at 10 PSI vs 2002 Z06 vette with built 383 stroker and D1 procharger at 15 psi

Eddy Tassone GTO LSX cast block - 9.30 @ 148 mph 05.03.2010 at the Perth Motorplex Kwinana Beach
Eddy Tassone GTO LSX cast block - 9.30 @ 148 mph 05.03.2010 at the Perth Motorplex Kwinana Beach

Whipple Street Tuning
First 4.0 Liter Whipple mounted in a GTO driven on the street

LS7 Engine w/ Katech Cam
Built Corvette Z06 LS7 Engine for Sale: Monster Motorsports is proud to offer this 7,616 mile Z06 LS7 ENGINE for sale. We have been caring for it since it was new and just recently, the owner invested $5,000.00 into modifications for this amazing motor with us. It has a new Katech Cam and matching double valve springs, pushrods, billet Katech dry sump oil pump, and more. This beast pulls like an animal throughout the entire powerband. This 7.0L (427ci) idles smooth at 850 RPMs and sounds nasty! We have videos of the idle and Dyno I believe if needed. This engine runs better than new and has very low miles. This is not a junkyard take out or an accident removal engine! This is our customer's take out with mods. We built him a new forged twin turbo setup for $40k. You can buy this enging for $10,500 firm plus shipping. It is crated and ready to ship to a commercial location via freight truck within the US. Shipping from our shop in Florida will be under $300.00 anywhere in the lower 48 States. Buy in confidence from us. Monster Motorsports -performance by professionals (954) 358-5889

Corvette C6 Zo6 VS. Supercharged Viper
Zo6: - Full Exhaust System Viper: - Supercherger - full Exhaust - Racing Fuel - Hell lot more... Note how the Zo6 is playing the viper at the end :)

Challenger SRT8 Supercharged Race edit Burnout
Challenger SRT8 SuperCharged 426 Stroker vs Shelby GT-500, Mustang GT 4.6 vs Pontiac GTO 6.0 Burnout

ECRR 4 Roll racing with supercharged dodge viper GTS, 240SX, 91 trans am, nissan 370Z and more
Some roll runs from summer 2011. Wasn't a great year since a few of the cars blew up early on in the summer, but they will all be on the road and faster than ever for summer 2012. Stay tuned everyone!

2013 Turbo Mustang 5.0 Hellion 67mm
2013 Mustang GT with a Hellion single turbo kit using the standard 67mm turbo. The car is stock save for GT500 AB, Cutout, ID1000's and a BAP. Tuned by Adam Browne @ Revolution Auto in Maryland 410.882.0424

427 GTO LSX EXCEEDS 1300 RWHP T56 Twin Turbo on E85 at 21 psi USING STOCK LS7 CAM!!!
turbo Connection Racing's daily driver pulls 1300 PLUS RWHP with a OEM stock LS7 camshaft(specs are 211 intake 230 Exhaust on a 120.5 LSA .600 lift with 1.85 rocker arms)!. 30 mpg on 93 octane 20 to 25 mpg with E85. working our way on up to 1400 RWHP. silky smooth idle and passes emissions with flying colors. Dyno Sheets and all info posted on LS1GTO forum under Dyno and tuning section under heading 427 APS twin turbo which this car started out with.Custom Twin turbo Kit was designed by Jim Riskovsky at turbo Connection Racing features American racing full length 1 7/8 stainless headers into 3 inch Exhaust with twin 1063 HP potential S400SX3 turbos that are rear mounted. Photos or this system also on turbo Connection Racing News Blog

NOS Viper vs Supercharged Corvette Street racing
Here are the facts: Corvette was S/C'd as in a Paxton or Vortech (not sure of the brand) and it Dynoed that´╗┐ day at about 650whp. The Viper was S/C'd with a Roe S/C basically like a Kennebell, around 650whp. The Viper also had a 100 shot of Nitrous. Start was even, the Vette jumped out about 3/4 car length. Viper was slowly pulling but was unsure if he would make up the ground in time so he went ahead and sprayed. Both cars are twin turbo now. Viper is over 1000whp. Vette is now an auto. - 96TTViper 11 hours ago --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------

Supercharged Small Block Chevy Racing Engine 700 HP
Supercharged small block chevy racing engine. 700 HP by Mesa marine Engine (5 PSI of Boost on pump gas).

SVTRyan vs CoolAid. Whipple Lightning vs LS2 GTO
SVTRyan vs CoolAid. 65 Roll. -SVTRyan: 2001 Lightning, Heads/Cams/Exhaust/Stall/Whipple 2.3 @ 16psi 548whp/608wtq. Best time of 11.60@117 w/ 1.65 60ft -CoolAid: 2006 GTO, Cam/Exhaust/Stall ~420-430whp (est.). Best time of 11.74@116 w/ 1.61 60ft Filmed outside of Caborca, Mexico. Under supervision, DO NOT ATTEMPT!

1986 turbo 5.3 trans am single 3.5" exhaust into borla XR1 sound - couple quick revs

dean scott holden supercharged ute racing big block mini at taupo race way
deans holden supercharged 496 chev ute racing big block mini that has half second head start,dean takes the win going into the semis tktracing

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1999 Dodge Viper GTS Twin Turbo: 6.963 @ 215.750
Sal Patel, Engine: 576 cid V10, Turbos: Twin Precision 91mm Tires: M/T 315/60/15 Drag Radials

2002 Dodge Viper Jerry Bickel: 7.190 @ 185.780
Ron Siegal, Engine: 540 mopar, Tires: 33 x 17 x 15 goodyear

2007 Pontiac GTO Pro Stock: 7.361 @ 184.570
Michael Campolucci, Engine: KRE MR-1A 535,

1998 Dodge Viper Twin Turbo: 7.530 @ 197.650
Lee Saunders,

1966 Pontiac GTO : 7.760 @ 178.000
Bjoern Laehndorf, Engine: Steve Schmidt 499 Pro Stock, Tires: Goodyear / Hoosier

1998 Dodge Viper GTS: 7.788 @ 169.000
Chris Orthodoxou, Engine: 604, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: goodyear

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge: 7.870 @ 175.940
Ron Crookshanks, Engine: 540 bbc, Supercharger: 8-71 high helix by the blower sho Turbos: n/a Tires: m/t et streets 33x 18.5

2005 Mazda 6 Drag Car: 7.930 @ 187.000
Ed Bergenholtz, Engine: 2.3L Mazda i4 by Golden Eagle Mfg., Supercharger: None Turbos: Garret GT45 Tires: M & H

2001 Dodge Viper Heffner Twin Turbo: 7.996 @ 177.060
Chad, Engine: V10, Turbos: Twin Turbo

2009 Dodge Viper : 8.500 @ 168.000
matt, Engine: 522 ci stroker , Turbos: 76 mm Tires: M/T full slicks

1996 Dodge Viper Stryker TTRS: 8.540 @ 174.000
Ron Misjak Jr. (SVS), Engine: 488cid, Turbos: GTS 76 front mount Tires: Hoosier DOT street

2002 Dodge Viper Heffner Twin Turbo GTS: 8.751 @ 163.420
Gary Javo,

1996 Dodge Viper GTS: 8.780 @ 154.100
T. Darwin, Engine: Pro mod, Tires: Goodyear

2003 Dodge Viper SRT Vert Removeable Hardtop: 8.894 @ 158.320
Nate Montieth, Engine: 522, Supercharger: Paxton Novi 2K Tires: m/t 16

1998 Dodge Viper GTS GT-35s Turbo: 8.900 @ 150.000
Roy, Engine: 488 cu in, Turbos: GT-35s Tires: M/T street radials

2005 Pontiac GTO F-1R Procharger: 8.958 @ 154.210
Travis Wester, Engine: LS7 427, Supercharger: F-1R Procharger Turbos: N/A

1999 Dodge Viper : 9.080 @ 156.810
Hugh Hoard, Engine: V-10, Supercharger: 2 Vortech

1996 Dodge Viper GTS: 9.160 @ 154.320
Ron Misjak Jr. (SVS), Engine: 488ci Viper V-10, Supercharger: no Turbos: Twins Tires: Hoosier (dot slicks)

2005 Pontiac GTO : 9.199 @ 151.050
Travis Wester, Engine: LS7X, Supercharger: Procharger F-1R Turbos: N/A Tires: Hoosier

2003 Dodge Viper SRT: 9.320 @ 150.290
Lyle Larson, Engine: V 10, Supercharger: Yes Turbos: NO Tires: M&H


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