Toyota MR2 Nürburgring Nordschleife one lap touristenfahrt onboard

One Lap across the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 9m 49s btg in an normally aspirated Toyota MR2 W2 in October 2005 The car is almost stock, except Eibach Springs and OZ Alloys 16'' with 205/225 street tires

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Nordschleife lap: 1994 Toyota MR2 N/A
A lap at the Norschleife, 13-04-2014

Nurburgring in MR2 NA Non-Turbo - BTG 9m32s
Fastest standard NA MR2 at the Nurburgring on Youtube? My lap of the Nurburgring in a Toyota MR2. The car is running 195/50R15 front tyres, 225/50R15 rear tyres, standard springs, ARBs, bushing and Yellow Bilstein dampers. Brakes are genuine Toyota parts. Engine is the 153hp Rev2 NA 2 litre 16v SW20. Is this the fastest MR2 NA in standard spec around the 'ring on Youtube?

GOPRO HD: Nurburgring (Norsdschleife) - Toyota MR2 (MR-S)
First full lap of the day. Recorded from the front of my Toyota MR2 (MR-S) Very early in the morning with very few traffic but i've still lost some seconds letting pass some fastest cars (on the straights). Many breaking points were improved during the day. Tires: Toyo R888 (195/50R15 front, 205/50R15 rear) Camber: -1,5º front, -1º rear Engine: 1.8 VVTI (140hp) Mods: Custom intake, TRD Headers, CHE Exhaust (lotus like) Camera: GOPRO HD in mode r5 (1080p) Coming Soon Onboard video of the same lap and 4 more that i did on that day, but all of them with a lot of traffic.