1956 Ford Victoria Television Commercial

This short television advertisement was presented before the regular showing of the Ford Theatre program and features a 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria. Master-Guide power steering is the main focus of this advertisement although the big news in '56 was the adoption of the 12 volt electrical system across the Ford line. Lifeguard safety features were also briefly mentioned but never materialized as a major selling point.

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1956 Ford Thunderbird and Fairlane Victoria - Original Commercial
The fabulous Ford Thunderbird, the most exciting car in America moves over to make room for a running mate... The 1956 Ford! These two cars share more than styling because for 1956 Ford offers the 202 horsepower Thunderbird Y8 engine in its automatic Fairlane and Station Wagon models. Visit us at: http://www.carsandstripes.com

1956 Ford Victoria - Commercial
Ford Victoria commercial

1956 Ford transparent roof We go for a ride!
We go for a ride in a 1956 Ford. Yes it has the transparent roof.

The American Road, Model T - 1953 Part 3/4
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