DNR's Fd Rx7 lsx vs Hard head muscle " El Tamarindo "

DNR lsx FD Rx7 vs HHM "El Tamarindo" 2 street runs

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wheeler dealers S11 E03 HD
Mike buys a good quality Mazda RX7 with the unusual Wankel engine. What do the boys have in store to make a profit? Facebook : www.facebook.com/JDMgoodness

SpoolBus Porsche vs. 42r Talon vs. Mustang vs. Vette Prepped street runs
We head out to the infamous Woods for some good racing between the SpoolBus Porsche, ScreamingDSM's 1g talon, 402ci Mustang, & a C6 Z06.

Bay Area Street Racing l El Tamarindo, SVT Cobra , Turbo Civic Hatch, C63 AMG, LSx RX7
Compiliation of the faster group from a good night out here. The infamous tamarindo from hard head muscle car club holding it down! A clean ass Sn95 Cobra, Pretty quick turbo civic hatch, and a car worth as much as all the other cars put together, yet still the slowest, Mercedes C63 AMG . Of course a DNR LSx rx7 rolled through, sadly didn't run though. =(

Toyota Supra vs Turbo LSX RX7
Both around 800whp