Near FAIL: Underground Racing TT Ferrari 458 Italia & Near Mishap

Had an awesome time documenting the first twin turbo Ferrari 458 Italia from Underground Racing. The footage was recorded with a combination of a Sony HandyCAM HDR XR500v & GoPro Motorsport HD. The day started out a a sunny day (see footage: but quickly turned sour when the Ferrari 458 Italia pissed of the speed gods! As you can see and hear, the GoPros didn't have the waterproof backing and we all scrambled to save the camera and the footage. Happily, nothing was lost-Whew!! Like us on Facebook: Razzi albums:

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Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador Interior Shots & Revving
Facebook: Razzi: I had been missing the Aventador so a few days ago, I decided to take it out of hibernation for a few shots and a short video. Its still winter here & the roads are terrible. Still, I was pretty happy to see the beast come alive as well. Check out this short video. Still disappointed that the Canon 7D (and for that matter, most cameras, don't really capture the full sense & pomp of the stock Exhaust. At any rate it performs best not standing still but rather in motion. Don't worry, those videos will come and I have a plan on recorded even better audio. Stay tuned. So the question, what do you guys think of the all digital dash on the Aventador? How does it compare to the Ferrari? Do you think that all exotics should go back to the analog displays? If so, why? Remember to please share, subscribe and comment. Cheers!

Lamborghini LP570-4 "Performante" Coupe in Blu Cepheus
Something is not quite right, right? You got it. A Performante coupe? Well, this Blu Cepheus is certainly a unique color amongst Lamborghinis but the Performante is solely a Superleggera spyder and this is no spyder as you can see. The former owner has taken great pride in assembling all the parts to create this one of a kind beast. So, what are your thoughts on this Performante coupe? Leave your comments, suggestions in the section below. Don't forget to share, rate --cheers! FACEBOOK: Razzi: &

Nero Nemesis Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador Preps for Departure
Nero Nemesis Lamborghini Aventador prepares to leave the showroom for test drive. In this video you can see some of the amazing lines and angles on the Aventador that mades it just a monster to look at, esp. in matte finish. What do you guys think having seen a few colors of the Aventador so far? What is your favorite color so far? Like us on Facebook: Photoshoot:

Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder Skittles Cruise with PCC-Awesome Exhaust Notes & Downshifts
For the 300th Video, a SPECIAL: Short cruise from the fall with members of the Cars & Coffee outfit in Pitt. Along for the ride were silver S2000 (HannibalACP82 driver: camera car-Subaruwrxfan is cameraman), Lotus Elise & Porsche 911 turbo. Though short, it was a fun run--"Events" ensued... names have been changed to protect the "innocent." Sorry for the shaky cam is some areas--that main road was terrible. Little you can do in post-production to fix. Miss the look of the Spyder on a nice day. Should I get another LP560 Spyder? Remember to like on Facebook ( and see photos on Razzi ( &