1972 MG MGB ~ RACING CAR #108

Layover in Kingman AZ. Beautiful red racing car, 1972 MGB No. 108, participated in the PVGP BeaveRun Historic Races. One fine vintage automobile. Peace, Mark Allen Channel (4GUESTS.COM)

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MGB Sebring
Video showing you guys my mgb le man/sebring replica :) hope you enjoy!! Pink Bike:http://www.pinkbike.com/u/TheDHbiker-UK/ Like our Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/DownhillMountainBikingUK Follow me on Twitter: @the_downhill_biker

MG MGB Race Car
Very cool MG for sale at britishsportscars.com

Classic Car Clinic's MGB raced at the Spa 6 hours using Evans waterless coolant
Classic Car Clinic's MGB raced at the Spa 6 hours on September 22, 2012. Drivers Jean Michel Guermonprez and Vincent Bokstael. At 3:00 minutes you can see how Evans Coolant doesn't boil when you open the radiator cap of an engine that was raced for 3 hours! Don't try this with a water based coolant or you will get seriously hurt, and your race will be over! Evans Coolant has a booiling point of 180 degrees Celsius which makes it perfect for any race- or classic car.

MG Racing Sandown race 3 round 2 May 17th 2015
Richard Milligan racing the Morris Garages/RM Racing (ex Dr Mort Fitzgerald) MGB V8 Roadster at Sandown International Raceway. Richard experienced some very close racing with Glen Wood at Sandown. Qualifying 2nd on the Grid, he lead race 2 & 3 from the first lap, but wasn't able to fully capitalise on his power and speed advantage over Glen, who had to push his MGCV8 to it's limits to win. Richard was able to manage consistent 1:19's, during the last race on Sunday, with some very close racing with Glen. He had a power advantage over Wood and led him until the last lap, where Glen was able to take advantage of a slower Historic MGB that Richard was lapping to take the win. Richard is currently leading the MG Racing Championship, 1st in class and 2nd in the Vic State Championship.