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The Unfortunate History of the AMC Pacer
Behind all the jokes and insults, the AMC Pacer is actually a car with a great deal of history. It began as radical new design from an underdog company. In an attempt to combat the big, bland, boxy cars from Detroit's "Big Three," little American Motors Corporation decided to build something a little different. Their one-eyed car stylist Dick Teague proposed a small, wide car with big windows and smooth aerodynamics. Americans had never seen anything like it. This in-depth documentary tells the true story of the Pacer. Unbeknownst to many, the car persevered through manufacturing setbacks, government regulations, and many other troubles. Featuring a ton of old car advertisements and rare footage of AMC's factory, the film helps paint a picture of the Pacer's world. Director Joe Ligo sits down with AMC stylist Vincent Geraci, author Patrick Foster, and television personalities John Davis and Pat Goss from PBS's MotorWeek.

Pontiac Trans Am (1407 PS) - GRIP - Folge 115 - RTL2
Der extremste Sportwagen der Welt: der auf 1407 PS aufgemotzte Pontiac Trans Am von Polly Motorsport des Norwegers Pal Arvid Blyt. Dieser versucht seine Top-Speed-Bestmarke von 407,134 km/h zu knacken. Schafft er es? Komplette Folgen GRIP bei RTL II NOW: Alle Infos zur Sendung: GRIP bei Facebook: GRIP bei YouTube abonnieren: "GRIP - Das Motormagazin", immer sonntags um 18.00 Uhr im TV bei RTL2.

Camaro Z28 messing with 455 GTO on the street
Late-Model Camaro Z28 with bolt-ons messing with a classic 455 swapped GTO. The GTO jams it and then one of the passengers thought they were being tailed by an unmarked B4C (special service police) Camaro holding a radar gun (video camera, lol) notice the nervous and unsure look on his face as we roll beside, then his complete and total relief once he recognized a couple old pals in just a regular Camaro, lol. (This Camaro made 280hp at the wheels and ran 13.1 at Mason Dixon Dragstrip) This footage was shot way back, many years ago, with an old junky analog camera, so apologize for the poor video quality. Produced by nedaCFilms / &

THE WORLD'S FASTEST HI-5 /// Pontiac Firebird 1971 /// TURBOMETAL
We are in Budapest, Central Europe. It's 7 in the morning...and we are here to perform the world's fastest HI 5. Our stuntman are already practicing. They are gonna make a human gate, a human gate for...a CAR. Let's check the result. Can you beat us chickens? :) Azért jöttünk ma itt össze, hogy megüssük a világ leggyorsabb tenyérbe csattanóját. Nem bíztuk a véletlenre, úgyhogy segítségül hívtunk egy 300 lóerős Pontiac-ot, hogy legyen erő abban a pacsiban. 2 ember, 1 kocsival, 300 méterről durrant rá teligázzal két vállalkozó kedvű turbometalos tenyerére. Az eredmény bizony fájt. Tudsz ennél gyorsabbat haver? Vedd fel és mutasd! Köszönet az autóért az EKAUTO-nak. Copyright material - do not use without permission! All rights reserved. Miden jog fenntartva! turbometal motorblog