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3 supercars, one Ferrari F360 and 2 Lamborghini Murcielago on their way to Stoneleigh. BUT - which is real, which a replica? Find out at the end of the clip. Enjoy! And drive the car you deserve!

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FAKE Gumballer! Ferrari 360 REJECTED from the Grid
Facebook: Twitter: Gumball Playlist: ------------------------------------------ INFO BELOW! ------------------------------------------ Camera: Sony CX700 Location: New York, USA The Gumball 3000 Rally is an event of epic proportions, one that many people would love to be a part of - including this Ferrari 360 Spider owner who rocked up with the car wearing a wrap not-too-dissimilar from one of a Gumball car except to the aware eyes of many fans it features different sticker sets, sponsors, numbers and of course isn't on the list of entrants. So, here you can see the car arriving in Times Square, and then being rejected from Times Square! As it happens the car is following the rally and at the time of posting has been seen as far as the first destination of Toronto, Canada. For a very interesting story along the same lines, head over to to read this article from Mr X who managed to achieve the feat of becoming part of the Gumball, without actually being part of the Gumball... Thanks for watching, Tim

Lamborghini at the Carlisle Import-Kit/Replicar Nationals
Yellow. =) You can find some photos of the car here: