Tamiya TT01 / TL01 & Hpi Custom painted body shells Rc Drift / Street Style

Hi there again. Here is my 4th collection of stills of some of my Drift style bodyshells. To let people see some of my work. Many of my bodyshells go on ebay uk for sale. If anyone is interested let me know. Hope everyone will find something they like. Thanks for looking.

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2010. 8. 7 RC Drift Real Circuit
Korea RC Drift Real Circuit CER D-08

The Painting of the EVO X Body
This was our first attempt. Please understand that we tried our best and we know that we could have done alot better. Its all about learning and improving. There where some errors but we felt that it would be nice to show our attempt. So we finally finished the EVO X body. Here is the tutorial of how to paint really any body for an RC. Here are the links for the parts we used in the video: Spray Paint: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pactra-RC280-Metallic-Black-Lexan-Spray-Paint-Slot- Car-RC-Mid-America-Raceway-/360568579059? You could also get it from HobbyTown USA http://www.hobbytown.com/Shop/ that is were we get our parts. you can find these type of spray paints at you local hobby store. RC Body: Mitsubishi EVO X 1/10 scale from HPIRACING.COM Also the brand is a Lexan. Subscribe and please be free to leave a comment or even like. We will do our best to reply.

RC Drifting for beginners Part 1
**Please Read** This is a quick look at some of the things you may need to get started. I had to disable comments because the amount of questions being asked in the comments section got to be pretty overwhelming. While I enjoyed trying to give everyone advice, it got to be a full time job! HAHA! Sorry folks! Send me a message if you have a serious question and have a great day! Thanks!

Tamiya TT 01 ezrun brushless 5.5T test run, speed test
hi, this my tamiya with EZRUN 5.5T 6000Kv brushless system, run with ORION NiMH 7.2v 4000ma batery