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25 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!
Craziest selfies ever! These are some of the most epic extreme selfies of daredevils involving sharks, skyscrapers, trains, and more. Today we look at the 25 most dangerous selfies ever! From Sharks to Skyscrapers to Volcanoes you won’t believe what people will do to snap a pic. This selfie was taken by Kirill Oreshkin known as the Russian Spiderman on top of the Moscow State University tower. Besides the danger of taking a selfie while driving with your kid in the car, it also looks like her kid’s car seat may not be buckled. Worst of all she’s teaching her daughter to duck face. I learned it from watching you mom! Mt Everest is the world’s highest mountain at 29,029 ft (8,848 m). Over 200 people have died attempting to climb it. This is Dean Carriere (carry-air) at the summit. This photo was snapped by a blogger named Justine at a cheese factory in Australia. Why are there camels at a cheese factory? I don’t want to know, but they seem pretty pissed about the situation. Aww this guy looks sad.. I’m not sure if he’s trying to be tough or this is a cry for help.. don’t pull that trigger! A storm chaser coming face to face with a dust tornado. Although it looks like this guy is a few shrimps short of a barbie it’s actually not a real selfie. This was part of a marketing campaign for the 2014 film “Into The Storm” and the video that goes with it has over 6M views now. This guy looks amazingly calm for being in a cabin filling with smoke prior to going down in a ball of flames. Luckily for him and everyone on the plane this actually the phenomenon of the cold a/c air condensing the moisture present in the cabin air. There is an elaborate story about this being a newlywed on his honeymoon getting attacked by a shark in Miami. The picture is actually a fake. It’s a photoshop of the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz in his swimming pool mixed with this photo of a shark This is Ferdinand Puentes taking a selfie off the Hawaiian island of Molokai. You may notice a plane in the background. Ferdinand along with 8 other people was on board the Makani Kai Air Cessna on December 11, 2013 when the Engine failed and the plane crashed. Interestingly only one person died. Who was that person? who was the Hawaii state health director who released President Obama’s birth certificate. And she did not die from the plane crash but from a cardiac arrhythmia while floating in the water. This is Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide taking a selfie He seems to be saying: I’m in space bitches! Anyone want a pair of cubic zirconia earrings in 3..2...1 Of course we all know we can outrun a train from this distance, the question you have to ask yourself is: have you ever tripped? This is Lee Thompson who convinced the Brazilian government to allow him to climb the 124 .ft (38m) tall Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Hey booboo let’s get us a picnic basket. Apparently there is a bear selfie craze going on where people like to take selfies with bears in the background. For more stupid shit people do keep watching. This is George Kourounis, host of Angry Planet, talking a selfie with boiling lava in Marum Crater at the summit of Ambrym Volcano in Vanuatu Cliff jump selfie! It kind of looks like her swimsuit is going to rip right off when she hits the water.. It also kind of looks like she’s heading for a belly flop So, am I your man Mr. Dumass!? The name is Dumass. This is Mark Dumas talking a selfie with his 800 lb polar bear Agee whom he trains with his wife. This picture might not look that impressive. That is until you look in the corner and see how far away the ramp is. I take selfies with lions, WHAT. This is Kevin Richardson aka the Lion Ranger who is a professional bad ass who hangs out with lions. Here’s a guy talking a selfie with a great white dangerously close to his head. It looks like an amazing shot but also pretty suspicious. A little digging and I found out that this was, sadly for our youtube voyeurism, a fake. Here’s the original. This is Alexander Remnev and his friend on top of the Princess Tower which is the world’s tallest residential building at 1,358 ft (414 m) And is the second highest skyscraper in all of Dubai I couldn’t find anything on this one being fake so perhaps it’s real, This a young Canadian man named Jared Frank attempting to take a selfie video in front of a train during his trip to Peru. James Kingston, professional adventurer and daredevil, hangs one armed from crane giving us a shot of his balls, which are so big they require sneakers. This is a young man named Christian taking a selfie at the Great Bull Run at the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas No this is not a Tibetan monk performing self immolation. This kid lit himself on fire for the art of the selfie.

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