'04 Pontiac Nationals Trans Am & GTO on Dyno

1972 GTO and 1977 Trans Am on a chassis Dyno.

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'04 Pontiac Nationals burnouts

Pontiac HVAC Blower Fan Fun
I would HIGHLY recommend that you remove snacks and beverages from your computing area before watching this video. Furhead shows up in it...need I really say more? Also: minor coarse language warning. There is some swearing in this video. Please plan your viewing accordingly. And don't ever ride outside the passenger compartment of any vehicle. The Keykeeper's Naughtiac started to have blower motor problems. At first the motor would run intermittently, though slapping the blower housing always got it to run. A melted wiring connector caused this, so the Old Cold Forgotten Buick donated part of its wiring harness (still in good shape, and made of thicker wire!) to the Pontiac about two or three months ago. Then everything was fine...for a while. Then the blower motor got weaker and weaker until it failed to run at all. After following the tests in the service manual, it would appear that we have lost the blower control module. I would say that I like the aspect of solid state control instead of resistor coils put in series with the blower motor, but I still think this design could have been done better. In particular, the power transistor in question generates more heat when the fan is running at a lower speed and less able to deliver the needed airflow for cooling. It also doesn't help that the module is nestled right up against the heater core. I think Furhead's new "racing seat" probably came from Stereo Dust Particles! Tags: uxwbill bizzarefurhead keykeeper pontiac naughtiac bonneville SSEi broken blower motor driver circuitry electrical troubleshooting

Pontiac Nationals 2004
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