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IN CAR PC 2JZ GTE Toyota Soarer Lexus SC300 but TwinTurbo with Touch Screen Computer

My Old SC300 Converted to a 2jzGTE, at the time it had 3 mods. FMIC, intakek, and Exhaust and it made ~200rwkw I installed the engine myself with the help of a good friend. I installed the In car PC and fabricated everything myself hence the average quality on the screen installation. The setup is composed of: 8" touchscreen 1080x768 1.6Ghz Atom Processor 320gig HDD External 7.1 channel Surround sound card USB GPS Module USB 3GS modem for Internet in the car :) 2x Pioneer 800W rms subs in parallel 1x Mono block sub amp 1x 120w x4 Amp for the other speakers 17x9" AVS wheels 3" Exhaust to twin 2.5"mufflers with silencers Front Mount Intercooler HKS Mushroom Filter Car is painted Celestial blue "mazda 3 colour" Track that was playing is: EDX - Shy Shy [Paul Harris Remix]


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Toyota Soarer V8 UZZ32 Presentation Active Suspension 4WS Exhaust Interior Features
This is a quick video of my Toyota Soarer UZZ32, number 453 out of 873 ever built (pretty rare machine). Please keep in mind this car was made in 1991, the features on it were simply amazing for that year. This model is also known as the Lexus SC400 in the US however it doesn't feature most of the goodies the JDM only Soarer had. Funny enough the body was designed in California and it was the first car to be completely computer designed (CAD). I have to say the designers did an amazing job, it still looks special and not so outdated. In the video I showcase the computer controlled active hidro-pneumatic suspension on some train track slates (notice how level the body is), show the four wheel steering system (4WS), give you a little taste of the stock Exhaust note of the amazing 1UZ-FE 4.0L V8 engine and also show the interior of the car and some of it's features. At some point you'll hear some strange noises from the mirror, that's actually the ultrasound cleaning feature. Pretty awesome, eh ? I mostly made the video so that I can show the car to prospective buyers as I wanted to sell it but I just couldn't bear to let it go, it's pretty special to me. More details soon.


Lexus SC300 exhaust sounds
Lexus SC300 Exhaust sounds 1997 Lexus SC300 2JZ-GE Blitz Nur Spec (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD58ihgBT-w) by http://www.youtube.com/user/sphimphasone Lexus SC300 Vibrant Exhaust (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY5NWNwl6ZA) by http://www.youtube.com/user/djmeed Lexus sc300 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeg5o5b_7FI) by http://www.youtube.com/user/txuxtxexrxz Toyota Soarer (Lexus SC300) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mQmNY9yLto) by http://www.youtube.com/user/ccruznsv6 1jz Lexus Sc300 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A64cGN6qd4) by http://www.youtube.com/user/mbush903 1993 Lexus sc300 Magnaflow Exhaust (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuE4_iOyyWM) by http://www.youtube.com/user/jdcparr Picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/suicidns13/7338044168/

Crazy looking soarer dies during burnout
Filmed at: Cruise 4 Charity http://cruise4charity.vipcruising.com Cruise 4 Charity is an annual event started in January 2004, in Queensland, where like minded car lovers cruise together and help raise money for charity (all profits go to the nominated charity). Queensland Street Car Magazine: http://qldstreetcar.com.au http://VIPCRUISING.COM ---------------------------------------------------------- .::VIPCRUISING OUR INFO::. - Website: http://vipcruising.com - Facebook: http://bit.ly/vipcruising - Contact Us: http://vipcruising.com/contact-us ---------------------------------------------------------- .::Special thanks to the companys that support us::. - Community Directories - http://cdau.com.au - Kamikaze Sites - http://Kamikazesites.com ---------------------------------------------------------- .::OTHER EVENTS WE HAVE FILMED::. - Raceline: http://raceline.vipcruising.com - World time attack: http://worldtimeattack.vipcruising.com - Jamboree: http://jamboree.vipcruising.com - Australian International Motor Show: http://australianmotorshow.vipcruising.com - Power Cruise: http://powercruise.vipcruising.com - Cruise 4 Charity: http://cruise4charity.vipcruising.com

BMW 335i twin turbo vs 300zx twin turbo vs lexus sc300 turbo 2jz
A couple pulls between a nissan 300zx twin turbo with bolt ons vs a bmw 335i twin turbo with bolt ons and a jb4 upgrade. this how i paid all my parts ask me how http://www.myganocafe.com/vivircafe a quick pull between my lexus sc300 with a 2jz swap and getrag 6 speed on E85 to about 160 mph

Steven Donnelly - BDC - Toyota Soarer
A showcase of British Drift Championship driver: Steven Donnelly who finished 14th out of 31 drivers in the 2012 BDC. A fantastic result for his first year. 2013 is coming. Shot and edited by meesmedias Music: Machinae Supremacy - Sidology Episode 2: Trinity http://machinaesupremacy.com Shot using: Canon 550D, Canon 5D MKII, GoPro HD Hero, GoPro HD Hero 2.

Nissan / Infiniti G37 - Prodigy One Touch-Screen Install
Step by step photo installation of a 2011 Infiniti G37 with the DIRECTUS Prodigy One Navigation system. This is the only way to add navigation to the factory Infiniti system. This system can be added to most Nissan Infiniti vehicles with the color display.

2003 Lexus GS300 Vehicle Review Broad Auto Sales
Broad Auto Sales 1155-1161 Broad Street Newark, New Jersey 07114 http://www.broadautosales.com

Toyota Soarer SC400 4.0 V8 - drift palenie gumy
Lexus Toyota Soarer SC400

Jeremy Clarkson reviews the Toyota Soarer UZZ32 Active in Old Top Gear - Lexus SC400 Coupe
This is a video review of the rare active suspension Toyota Soarer - also known as the Lexus Sports Coupe (SC). It's from a segment on cars that are not imported in the UK from the old Top Gear, don't know the year yet, I will update when I find that out. Jeremy is quite impressed with the handling of the computer controlled hydro pneumatic suspension (A-SUS) and 4WS system (A-4WS) that gives the car great agility and confort. He also goes through some of the cool gadgets this car had. Remember the UZZ32 has been launched in 1991 and only 873 were ever made so it's quite a rare bird.

Kenwood DNX6960 boot-up screen in Lexus SC400
I changed the boot-up screen on the Kenwood DNX6960 to the "Lexus" logo. Makes it look more OEM in the SC. oh, and the background screen after the boot-up is an LFA tach. \ ( ^ _ ^ ) /


There are many platforms out there with an infinite amount of potential but a severe lack of presence in the car scene; cars which are seemingly born to be modified but are so rarely done that you have a better chance of seeing Olivia Wilde ride by on a unicorn than to see a clean example of said chassis. One of these nearly forgotten platforms is the one in front of you now: The Lexus SC. Every time I see a clean, well-done SC, I wonder why I don't see WAY more of them. The aggressive bodylines and simple styling makes this one of the most aesthetically pleasing and promising models of the last couple decades. Lexus definitely let the public down by not releasing these from the factory with a significant drop and staggered wheels with a deep lip. Fortunately for us, there are a few good men (and women) out there who consider this a platform worthy of their hard earned dollars and sometimes the results leave you salivating... Cue the pictures! Seven years ago, Andrey Sokolov did the world a favor and bought his 1993 SC300. Previously, he had been into the function side of the automotive world and owned a 1994 Drag/Street Camaro ("blown/stroked/meth injected") but decided that he needed a "beater" and thus, the SC was adopted into the family. The Camaro had seen the best possible parts (when one broke, it was replaced with something better) due to the desire to always go faster and after getting his car into the low 9-second quarter-mile range, he had to get the SC as a daily since the Chevy was more track than it was street. By 2007, he came to the realization that "for all the money spent and hard work put into it, I never got to drive and enjoy the car" and as a result, started parting out the Camaro. Like many of us, he had every intention of keeping his daily driver stock and reliable with no mechanical issues. Yea, right. He stuck to his plan for a while but in the summer of 2010, he was rolling around on a set of lowering springs and chrome Supra TT wheels. Andrey's favorite part of the story starts here because it's at this point that the car began to take shape into what it is today: something he never intended. He had major maintenance looming ahead of him that needed to get done and so down the car went for a good period of time. It saw a gratuitous amount of new parts including valve guide seals, timing belt, water pump, radiator, clutch and many more parts that were going to ensure this beauty stayed on the road for a long time to come. While the car was out of commission, Andrey noticed that the factory paint was looking a little less than impressive after 17 years and decided to go with Copper Firemist basecoat with a Black Cherry Kandy over coat. The problem then became ALL of the other things he wanted to do to the car that he never intended on doing before. After some slight fender pulling, shaving and OEM replacement parts from newer SC models, the car began to take shape and just needed some interior, ice, and shoes to complete the look. Sure, lowering springs are great but Andrey wanted to do things right. He's the go big or go home type (as you can see from his past Camaro build) so he made the decision to go air, a rare modification on the older SC platform. There is no "static vs air" debate to be had here; I literally cannot think of a better way to pull off these SSR SP3's, especially when they are 19×9.5 et -5 and 19×11.5 et18. The infamous Snowball Effect that we all know so well began to take over and before he knew it, the car had a full new brake setup, rewrapped interior pieces, and a super clean trunk setup for his I.C.E. and air ride components, wrapped in tan leather to match the rest of the car. The car he had intended on staying stock suddenly turned into a show-piece right before his eyes and he couldn't be happier. One of the most ironic parts of Andrey's story is how simple the car looks and how effortless he made it look when in actuality, he had close to NO examples to use as a template. As I said earlier, there aren't many SC's done right and he expressed that one of the most difficult parts of this build was in fact finding other models like his to use as inspiration. If you get on VWVortex, HondaTech, or any other large, world-wide forums with thousands upon thousands of members, it's super easy to find COUNTLESS specimens to study and take tips from but Andrey didn't have that option. He boldly went where few had gone before and made one of the cleanest SC's out there with little to no guidance. Talk about impressive.

We are proud to announce our very own SC Project Allen. We have been working around the clock to build this car and it has become one of our very best ones. Although not complete as of yet, we are just enjoying it. But keep your eyes open as we begin this week to tear the interior. Sorry Allen but it's going to happen sooner or later ;) Please visit us at www.airtekk.com

Toyota Soarer Digital Gauge Fault
NOTE: Nothing happens for 1.5 minutes, i set my phone to sit against the dash and record while I was at a traffic light. The light takes about a minute and a half to change. It's quite a long change cycle. My phone was only handled once during the operation of driving, when it fell down i flipped it back up. Took less time than changing a CD. Although my car doesn't use CD's, it uses wireless bluetooth streaming and USB mp3's from apple and other products. In this video I record using my phone camera, the new problem of my car. My car has had many problems, but this one is the newest. The car was being driven roughly 60kph, I am not exactly sure, I had to follow traffic exactly because I had no idea how fast i was going. This issue was less than 10 minutes old before i pulled over restarted the car and hoped that would fix it. It didn't. I decided to record it to see if it fluctuated at any specific points (something I couldn't notice while driving in traffic and watch). I put it on youtube to share to some knowledgeable people who have dealt with this kind of problem before. My understanding: While this is a digital display, the driver is a regular analogue cable from the transmission. The cable feeds to a resistor which converts the spinning final gear into a frequency. That frequency is interpreted by a something, halving the rate, and then rendered out as a digital display, instead of a needle moving like in a regular analogue driven gauge.

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1993 Lexus SC300 : 9.400 @ 146.300
astrologo, Engine: 2jzgte, Turbos: gt4276 Tires: MT drag radial 28/10.5

1994 Lexus SC300 SC600: 10.680 @ 126.000
Sean Miller, Engine: LQ4, Tires: 275-60-15 MT ET street

1993 Lexus SC300 T67 Turbo TH400: 11.170 @ 121.930
Daniel, Engine: Stock, Turbos: T67 Tires: ET Street Radial

1991 Lexus Soarer GT-TL Turbo: 11.423 @ 118.940
ben burgess, Engine: 1JZ-GTE, Turbos: GT3076R (475hp) Tires: MT drag radials 255/50/16

1992 Lexus Soarer 2.5TT: 11.890 @ 115.120
ROJO, Engine: 1JZGTE, Turbos: Stock

1995 Lexus SC300 5-speed with BoostLogic T67 Kit: 12.454 @ 119.250
Daniel P, Engine: 2JZ-GE, Turbos: T67 Tires: 245/45-17 Fuzions

1995 Toyota Soarer 2.5 TT GTT-L: 12.574 @ 111.030
Manual Kallianis, Engine: stock, Turbos: stock Tires: Kumho KU31

1993 Lexus SC300 TE04 Turbo: 13.275 @ 111.560
Rodney Dean, Engine: 2jz-ge stock, Turbos: TE04 Tires: cheap and bald

1991 Lexus SC300 gt: 13.381 @ 107.000
avi, Engine: 1jzgte, Turbos: stock twinz Tires: 235-45-17

1991 Lexus Soarer gt: 13.381 @ 107.000
avi, Engine: 1jzgte, Turbos: stock twinz Tires: 235-45-17

1994 Lexus Soarer GT Twin Turbo: 13.407 @ 106.600
Dean Smith, Engine: 2.5 TT, Turbos: Hybrid Turbos with wastegate modifications Tires: 255/40/17 rear

1991 Lexus Soarer gt-tl: 13.550 @ 105.000
steveo, Engine: 1jz-gte, Turbos: hybrid steel internal c12's Tires: verdestein

1993 Lexus Soarer Twin Turbo: 13.600 @ 106.600
AndyTT, Engine: Stock 1jz-gte, Turbos: Twin Factory Standard Tires: Nankank NS 2's

1991 Lexus Soarer GTTL: 13.906 @ 98.960
Dale Holan, Engine: 1JZ-GTE, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: Stock Tires: BFG Drag Radials 275/17/45

1991 Toyota Soarer TT: 14.060 @ 100.120
kelvin, Engine: 2491cc, Turbos: 2 stock ct12a twins Tires: bald 225/55R16

1993 Lexus Soarer TT: 14.250 @ 97.040
damien murray, Engine: 1JZ-GTE, Turbos: STOCK Tires: BRIDGESTONE POTENZAS RE050

1993 Lexus SC300 1jzgte turbo: 14.453 @ 95.460
Lawrence, Engine: 1jzgte, Turbos: c12a Tires: 215.60.16

1996 Lexus SC300 : 15.580 @ 90.760
Johnny B,

1994 Lexus SC300 : 15.885 @ 87.660
Brad Bradley, Engine: 2jz-ge, Tires: 255 in rear

1995 Lexus SC300 : 15.930 @ 89.900


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