How to get up an icy 45 degree incline in the snow. Inside a Lincoln Town Car, Georgia Limousine drives up a steep hill and makes the sharp curve in the snow...doing what the neighborhood pick-up trucks and SUVs cannot.

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Testing Lincoln Traction Control on Snow and Ice
Our area got his by a little winter storm today, so I thought it would be a good time to test the Lincoln's traction control. I've owned tons of rear wheel drive cars, but I've never had one with traction control. It honestly does seem to make a bit of a difference. I obviously was taking it easy on the gas anyway, but it does work. The Grand Marquis we had before this, didn't get around quite as well in the snow. I know this isn't the most entertaining video, but thanks for watching anyway.

How to Drive Up Hills in Snow -
How to drive up snowy or icy hills during the winter. Technique shown and demonstrated by

Snow challenges drivers on Barrow Road in Little Rock, AR
Roads covered by ice and snow posed a challenge for most drivers in Little Rock. The state highway department reported snow on all the interstates in the Little Rock area, and snow or heavy snow on most of the major thoroughfares around the rest of the state. In Little Rock, city streets were covered with snow and there were numerous reports of stuck cars and minor wrecks. More than a foot of snow has fallen in areas of Northwest Arkansas, dealing yet another blow to the winter weary region. Cars were left abandoned on the side of the road, and 18-wheelers were having trouble navigating Interstate 540. See more videos, photos and read more about the weather in Arkansas at