How to get up an icy 45 degree incline in the snow. Inside a Lincoln Town Car, Georgia Limousine drives up a steep hill and makes the sharp curve in the snow...doing what the neighborhood pick-up trucks and SUVs cannot.

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Hooning in the Snow - TOWN CAR CRASHES!!!
Our buddy Tim crashed his Lincoln Town Car into a building! Also some crazy stuff happens during this video! Stick around to see the damage. Don't worry, the Town Car is being fixed and will be in future videos. (Hosts) Owen - 2008 4.0L V6 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 (Exploder) Max - 2008 2.2L I4 Chevy Cobalt LT Coupe (Ghetto GTR) Jack - 2010 3.8L V6 Jeep Wrangler Sport (Little Richard?) Tony - 2013 5.7L V8 Dodge Charger R/T AWD (Rebel) Tim - 2002 4.6L V8 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series (Car of the Town) Tyler 1994 4.3L V6 Chevy S10 (Straight10) Song - Lykke Li - No Rest for the Wicked (DISKORD Re-twerk)

Angry Man Stuck in Snow
I heard a man cursing loudly outside my window, so I peeked. Then I grabbed my phone quickly because his 4 wheel drive was spinning crazy. Then my kids wanted to see. The rest is all video goodness. 650+ (after the 380 when I first wrote this addition) comments, its difficult to discern what's already been said about this episode...or, some of you simply can't read... 1. Angry Man was offered assistance by several passersby; whom he cursed out profusely (that's what garnered my attention from inside.) 2. My neighbors and I actively help people who get stuck on our hill, including each other. This hill is treacherous when un-plowed. 3. A Toyota Prius climbed the hill, unassisted. 4. A TOYOTA PRIUS CLIMBED THE HILL, UNASSISTED. 5. My children cheered his every attempt to free himself, and again when he did finally free himself. They never once pointed or laughed. My daughter questioned why Angry Man would yell and curse at his vehicle since it couldn't hear him. I on the other hand did in fact laugh at Angry Man...when he cursed those who would attempt to help him, laughed when he dropped his phone enraged, laughed when he ran it over, and laughed when he almost let his truck roll backwards down the hill when he forgot to put it into park and started to get out. And no, I certainly wasn't putting myself any closer to his rage or his vehicle. All you good Samaritans keep helping those who need help, but please, don't endanger your own life in the process :) For Licensing please contact licensing(at)

Rental Car Burnout
Roast those tires!

What Should a Luxury Car Be? - 2003 Lincoln Town Car | AutoMoments
The Lincoln Town Car was one of the longest lived luxury vehicles in the U.S. It's big, soft, and old-fashioned. The key to its survival was due to the fact it simply out-lived all the competition. But the Town Car still raises an interesting question...What should a luxury car be?