SRT-4 + E1 + 93reTune = FUN

Dusters 1025cc Injectors, Walbro255, 3in MPX turbo Back Ehaust w/ cat, E1 turbo, FM Wastegate, 2 tunes via Diablo Sport Predator AEM Uego Wideband = Amazingly Hard pulls all the way past redline, the car feels like it has no drop in power from 4k to 7k... it's insane, can't wait to throw on some good wheels and hit the track! Expecting 320whp/350wtq on 93octane and 350whp/400wtq with e85! Maybe even more if I start porting!

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2005 srt4 acr edition. New gauge pod and wideband.
This is where i put my wideband. Nice and clean install. I will upload another vid of my car later on since I haven't done that yet!

2003 Dodge SRT4 0-120 pull
Just trying to dial in my new Forward Motion waste gate, still have some tweakin' to do on it and the Diablo. AFR's on wideband was reading 10.0 so definitely way to rich. Finally got it dialed in to a WOT AFR of 12.5 and done considerably better.

Srt4 quick pull
Running 15 psi on e1 turbo. Just seeing what she would do. Enjoy.

Srt-4 hard pull
This is a pull on my 05 srt-4, sorry about the camera going crazy,1st gear got out of control and flung the car to the left, it's just a quick pull I stopped cuz the road started to get bumpy, car has 325hp and 361tq.. Running a e1 turbo on low Boost, with simple bolt ons and a diablo tune,