RX3 Police Chase Sydney West

RX3 13B Peripheral Port Rotory motor 400HP Police chase.Skip to the chase it starts at 4.35 sec. "Attention all", to this day the report of this police chase cannot be revealed or explained in full detail, what occurred on that day after the hit accident was even bigger than the chase itself. This video was edited for public viewing only...

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RX3 burnout

Arlington-Fort Worth Police Chase (May 27, 2015) WFAA | KXAS
NBC5 Dallas - Fort Worth police engaged in a lengthy 3 hour slow-speed chase Wednesday afternoon. That chase ended when a Fort Worth SWAT vehicle sideswiped the suspect's car in Arlington at 3:58 p.m. The chase, which apparently began with a drug bust that went bad, weaved in and around Fort Worth and Arlington, along east and westbound Interstate-30, onto side streets, through Lincoln Square, medians and parking lots. When the pursuit started early Wednesday afternoon there was an unidentified woman in the car with Gonzales. At some point during the chase she was either pushed or jumped out of the vehicle. The woman’s condition isn’t known. The suspect was identified by police as 42-year-old Joe Gonzales. Sources told News 8 he is a known drug dealer who has spent extended time in prison. The suspect was traveling at extremely slow speeds for a majority of the chase, sometimes stopping and starting again. The danger increased just before 4 p.m. when Gonzales went the wrong way down an exit ramp. A Fort Worth police source confirmed to NBC 5 that Gonzales had two-pounds of drugs on him when a narcotics officer attempted to pull him over Wednesday afternoon. The source could not confirm what type of drug it was. The suspect's daughter told News 8 that he is not a "monster," and had been trying to get his life together.