2165 stroker start up

this was the start up, third start.... thanks troy g

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GOPRO Rail Buggy Wheelie
First test with the Gopro camera on a rail buggy doing a few wheelies

Turboed 2165 Vw Complete Package, Idleing
All new parts from Rimco except for the case. Steel straight cut gears, lube-a-lobe lifters, 78mm crank, 5.4 rods, 94mm mahle pistons and cylinders, no spacers or copper gaskets, 041 heads with 40 x 35.5 valves, 8.3:1 compression, turbonetics wastegate, new Exhaust header, compufire ignition, car craft turbo with zero turbo lag, side draft carb, external oil cooler with fan, drop pan, 4 psi of Boost, can run on pump gas. (He runs mixed) built with the best of the best and was always very reliable. Hauled ass!! Comes with everything you need to install.

VW T1 2275 stroker
Startup with new barrels-pistons, cam, lifters, modified valve seats and ports. Rew rew!! B-)

Karmann Ghia 2165 first Test Drive
Karmann Ghia tst drive