2165 stroker start up

this was the start up, third start.... thanks troy g

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GOPRO Rail Buggy Wheelie
First test with the Gopro camera on a rail buggy doing a few wheelies

2187 in my 59 bug
Burn out vid soon to come... have to break the engine in first... #*&$ Engle w120 78.8 forged cw crank 94 mahle pistons and cylinders some head work weber 44 idfs full flow

Hot VW 2165 on the dyno (2)
Hot VW -67 2165cc with JPM Raptor, 48 IDF and FAT heads! 166,2 hp road car on the Dyno at PAT Dyno day (june 30 2011) second pull Der Brückenrenners dbrvw.se

VW 2165 cc
vw monti racing