Honda Prelude 2.2 VTI-S VTEC (BB6) quick pull to 180 km/h

Ride in NA tuned H22A5 VTEC Honda Prelude VTI-S (European Type S with ATTS). Acceleration test. Тест-драйв na Honda Prelude 2.2 VTI-S VTEC двигатель H22A5 VTEC атмосфера тюнинг. разгон 0-180 км / ч. после корректировки и настройки. Европейская Honda Prelude Type S с системой ATTS.

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Honda Prelude III Gen H22A +210hp - by Matt (0-100km/h - 230km/h + fun)
Honda Prelude III Gen H22A 200hp+ - by Matt (0-100km/h - 230km/h + fun) - Gearbox U2Q7 - Clutch Exedy Stage1 - Catback Exhaust 2.5" - "Vision"Air Intake conical filter - skunk2 intake manifold - 215/40R16 Toyo T1R MOST IMPORTANT THINGS: - It is the Prelude 2.0EX version which weights 1080kg stock!!! After the engine swap, gear box swap and the break swap it weights 1101kg !!!! - Fresh engine ! Only 70 000 km mileage/kilometerage!!! - Dont forget the U2Q7 which is the shortest gear box for H-Series!

Honda Prelude Acceleration Highway entering vtec sound noise
Just messing around with my bud and decided to film me flooring while entering highway. I could have shifted faster but did not feel like goin harsh, didn't even push to the red line but still pulled hard!

Prelude BB1 H22 Vtec Test drive Camera
Engine Stock H22A2 10,5:1 Sparks denso iridium IK22 + Magnecor kv85 Suction: skunk2 pro series intake manifold JDM SPEC Air Box from h22a7 or Prelude Type-S whit K&N filter. bypass valve hunder the airbox eliminate. Exhaust:Greddy Header 4-2-1, Decat custom made catback 63mm diameter internal. transmission: Exedy clutch stage 2 + lightweight flyweel 11-lbs. ECU: custom Map vtec start 4500 rev limit 8200

Honda Prelude 2.2 VTI-S VTEC (BB6) 0-100km/h, 0-160km/h test drive
test drive modified h22a5 vtec honda prelude type s with atts. sunday test drive. hard driving by fuchs. VTECクラブ, ホンダレーシング Тест-драйв na Honda Prelude 2.2 VTI-S VTEC двигатель модифицированный H22A5 VTEC с системой ATTS. Тест на разгон и отклик на педаль.