I'll post more about the Exhaust project soon. But first a little treat. My first autocross! I have my maniflow insalled too! You can hear it in this segment nicely.

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The third follow up vid of the awesome MG Midget build up. Finally it is a "roller". Killer has really been working a lot on it with the help of a good friend that is a Cracker Jack welder. In 3 days they accomplished a lot of work together.

Episode 10: Maniflow Exhaust System Part1
After many many years of use and abuse, the time has come to replace my falcon stainless Exhaust system with something less dented bent battered, and brused. The muffler is dented halfway in, all the Exhaust joints leak. Since it was guaranteed for as long as my dad owned the car and he no longer owns it, the warrenty means nothing. Instead I will be replacing it with a long center branch header and single box mild street system from maniflow. The system is slightly larger in diameter than stock and features a glass pack muffler. For sake of durability and increased horsepower, I am having it ceramic coated. I purchased header part number EXL9 and Exhaust system ESO31 here I had it ceramic coated at Vanilla Gorilla Coating Systems

David's Autocross Run FFR Cobra
A Prepared FFR Cobra Autocross run at Castle Airforce Base CA.

AHCA Gymkhana 09/13/2009
Mostly its me out there (my wife is at the camera), but there are some other highs and lows to be seen. I placed third overall (and once again was the fastest MG midget there). I really like the way the Exhaust is starting to sound, and the engine has been rebuilt a mere 500 miles ago. It's got a Swiftune SW5-07 cam and its been bored .030 over. Mor eon that later.