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Auto Smoke Generator
Check out our site for more products! Features Simple To Operate The Smoke Automotive Leak Locator is easily controlled with a timer setting and flow control. Set the timer then the machine will generate smoke, and control the flow with the flow controller. The output is regulated to 12~14 Inches of Water Column, this pressure is perfect to perform leak test of EVAP system and other automotive systems with no damage to the vehicle sealing. Save time and fast leak detect In most cases, a scan tool may find out pressure sensors abnormaletc., while actually the 'pressure low' problem is caused by leak somewhere. Multi-function The Smoke Automotive Leak Locator is a multi purpose tool essential for EVAP system, but also applicable for: EGR valves, Gaskets & Fittings, Hoses, Worn Throttle shafts, Break Boosters, Catalytic Converters, Oil Leaks, Lamp Housings, manifolds and more... LED time indicator, Adjustable air flow and 1~20 minutes adjustable operating time Adjustable timer and air flow to perform leak test on different system that requires different flow amount. Inbuilt air pump Performing leak test with no air compressor, which may not be avaliable for every workshop. Various fittings For different application needs Function Vacuum Leak Test Exhaust Leak Test Under Dash Leaks EVAP Leak Test Manifold Leak test And more... Specification Air pressure 0.03-0.035bar Air flow: 0.1-0.5 L/MIN Power: DC 12V Packing: Carton box Weight: 5kg Dimention: L375 x W185 x H340mm

Testing And Complete Failure of a 10,000 lb. Two Post Car Lift - Greg Smith Equipment has warned customers for many years that certain competitors car lifts are over rated. Watch this video to better understand what happens to a poorly made and over rated two post above ground lift. The complete testing (and ultimate failure) of this hydraulic lift is captured on film.

使用電瓶測試儀的小貼士 1)在電瓶滿電的情況下,常溫在10°C以上。測量CCA其含電 不耍低過標準50% 2)電瓶內阻值最好不要高於10mΩ 3)電瓶在充電後,最好讓電瓶靜止約半天,待化學反應 成,再做測試 建議車主需要更換電瓶條件: 1)電瓶外殼如發脹,漏液 2)電瓶接頭附近有白色粉末 3)靓電瓶使用期限勿超過三年 4)電瓶如噴硫酸 (充電時) 5)電瓶正常充電時,外殼很燙手 6)電瓶散發出流酸竹氣味 7)電瓶液混濁 8)電瓶的其中一兩組電瓶液比重不對 9)白色殼電瓶如看到其中有一兩組電解片發黑 10)小心發電機長期 OVERCHARGE 11)小心電瓶電壓不正常,但有POWER