Tribute for Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto

This is the remake of my old tribute for Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto.

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Henri Toivonen - TRIBUTE 2015
Video Tribute Henri Toivonen Beautiful Photo R.I.P

Henri Toivonen Tribute
Music Copyright: Miika Mettiainen

Henkka Toivonen - Tribute
Here's my tribute to the late Henri Toivonen. Hope you like it. "This rally is insane, even though everything is going well at the moment. If there will be trouble, I'm as good as dead". (Quote at the 1986 Corsican Rally). Music: Within Temptation - Memories Comments/ratings are much welcome.

Triubuto Toivonen SobreviratS
Tributo a Henri Toivonen y Sergio Cresto, fallecidos en el transcurso del Tour de Corse de 1986 cuando marchaban en 1ª posición. Editado por SobreviratS