Sal's Viper

MIR testing

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IRS TT Viper 6.98@207.78mph on DR's @ MIR
99 Viper GTS Twin turbo IRS / V10 / Twin Promod 90mm turbos M/T 315/60/15 Drag Radials 3685lbs Race Weight Coiled Motorsports / Drummond Race Cars ProEFI Engine Management ProTorque Torque Converter Neal Racing Transmission Powerglide

worlds fastest viper 7.47 @ 199
Lee Saunders set the new world record for the Viper on 3/6/10 at Pinks West Palm

World Fastest Viper
Sal Patel Twin turbo

NEW 1/2 Mile Record! Sal's Outlaw Viper Does It Again...
Sal's Outlaw Viper returns to the standing 1/2 Mile and sets a new Viper, and RWD record with ease at only 20psi! There is still a lot more on tap and we can't wait to see what it does next time out. Drummond Race Cars | SlipStream Racing Events