Viper ACR-X's through the uphill esses - VIR

Viper Cup at VIR

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Viper ACR-X's at VIR through the Roller Coaster
Beautiful countryside of Virginia International Raceway. This was the Viper Cup in July 2010.

140 MPH STI Axle Break at VIR
They say lightning doesn't strike twice ......well maybe it does for me. As I entered the uphill esses at VIR in the 145 mph range as I clipped the second apex I heard a bang and then the car started "tank slapping." It felt like one of the rear tires had blow out but it turned out to be a very rare axle break. Glad I saved it!

Viper professional racecar driver ignoring black flag at VIR Grand Course - Trackdaze August 27 2010
Trackdaze VIR Grand Course event August 27th 2010. Viper professional race team ignored the circuit workers who black flagged the session and weaved through cars returning to the pits Watch from the pits as both a corvette and later ferrari ignore black flags and try to run another lap over 2 minutes after the session was halted. Happened in the Yellow (Advanced Intermediate) run group. Trackdaze organization was excellent as always, a very well run event given the number of attendees...just a few folks not watching out for the flags here!

Dodge Viper ACRx @ DC Performance in Los Angeles
DC Performance Testing Dodge Viper ACRx