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Spot della nuova Ford Kuga

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New Ford Kuga 2017
An inside look at the all new Ford Kuga. We have reviewed the ST-Line model for you. This vehicle has a few optional extras. Call 01225 75252 TODAY to book your appointment and secure your very own.

Nuova Ford Kuga - How Kuga Are You? #2
Ovunque ti porti la tua curiosità, la nuova Ford Kuga ti permetterà di vivere un’esperienza di guida nel massimo del comfort e dell’eleganza. Scopri il tuo lato intraprendente. How Kuga Are You?

2017 Ford Kuga SUV Road Test | Driver's Seat
After a mid-life refresh, we test Ford's latest SUV to see if it can still compete in this highly competitive market.

How To Clear Your PCM'S Memory On Fords After Repairs
Here is the jumper leads I used in the video, for the price they are worth it to do it right, you can buy them here- creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0002JJU28&linkCode=as2&tag=fordt-20&linkId=YU AS5J3PVFXJSKP3o If I have help you save money on your Ford Repairs consider supporting the future production of helpful videos like this: 4MLXP3C So I decided to do some videos on common procedures specific to Fords. This is a must after any engine or transmission repair and you don't have access to a scan tool to clear the KAM manually. Many times the pcm will still be using the learned values and compensating for the problem you just repaired. This procedure is good for all model years late 80's to current but is much more important on 2004+ model years that incorporate a electronic throttle body system. Dual Battery setups require both batteries to be disconnected.