Srt 4 Vs SRT 6 Crossfire

SRT 4 took it

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SRT 4 Vs My SRT 6 Drag race
A very close race! He had a faster reaction time and won but I beat his time by 1/100th;) and 4 mph! A very fast stage 3 neon on slicks! He left me off the line but he had to swap the wheels back to drive home;)

ISF vs Crossfire srt6
2008 Lexus IsF mods: 150shot, intake 4000+lbs Crossfire SRT6 mods: pulley, tune, intake 3200lbs

SRT4 Caliber vs. SRT6 both w/ mods
SRT4 had over 10k invested in it. SRT6 has all needswings parts, lower crank pulley (178mm), CAI, and custom intake manifolds. Caliber jumped way early and we had to run him down, race 2 was better.

SRT 6 15-135 MPH run
I started in, and spun all through 2nd until it short shifted to third, notice the drop down to 3500 RPM. After that I hit 135 before carefully braking. I need an airfield!!