Srt 4 Vs SRT 6 Crossfire

SRT 4 took it

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SRT 4 Vs My SRT 6 Drag race
A very close race! He had a faster reaction time and won but I beat his time by 1/100th;) and 4 mph! A very fast stage 3 neon on slicks! He left me off the line but he had to swap the wheels back to drive home;)

ISF vs Crossfire srt6
2008 Lexus IsF mods: 150shot, intake 4000+lbs Crossfire SRT6 mods: pulley, tune, intake 3200lbs

SRT6 POV Driving
Full bolt on 185mm pullied SRT6

srt6 top speed fastest on YouTube
Most accurate top speed of srt6 renntech 179 mph