Thomas' mk3 7mgte Supra dyno @ cwf dyno

Thomas' mk3 supra Dyno run Greddy td06 turbo

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HUGE Dyno Fails! 2013 Dyno Fails COMPILATION!!
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Supra Start up March 3 2011
Gotta keep the battery charged up. and the supra loving me. She sounds very nice even with a Exhaust leak. specs are something like this, 7MGTE, ARP headgaskets, HKS headgasket, Greddy TD06-20G turbo, Fully rebuilt A340E Transmission with triple packed clutches, higher stall torque converter. H&R Springs, Tokico Struts. 550cc injectors, lexus AFM mod, S-AFC, 3" Mandrel bent Exhaust from the turbo back. and all the other supporting modifications.

7mgte supra dyno 400rwhp @ 15psi
Didn't do any final tuning or high Boost pulls. Just 15 psi - base spring pressure and modest timing on 93 octane.Should be deep in the 500's with more Boost.

Sean's mk3 supra 7mgte @ CWF Dyno 750 + horsepower !!
Sean's supra Dyno runs..750+ horsepower WOW!! Stock block record!! 7mgte !! CWF Dyno SEE ALSO: