Hydraulic Bouncing Truck at the 2009 Charleston Boulevard Car Show

This is the same truck as my last year's video, only he repainted it for this year. To see this from a different angle check out my brother's video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho5iwj5PTls (he also got video of another car that I didn't get due to SD card malfunction)

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Slab sunday hydraulics on truck

Cortina Hydraulics Prom Car
Ford Cortina with hydraulic suspension modification, lush alloys and a nice purple pearlescent paintjob. Please visit this store: http://xgibbed.gamefanshop.com As you can get many great discounts, with fast and secure payment options, so along with getting a good deal, you'll also be helping me out, too! Choose from all genres, and you can also buy Apple, Xbox, PS3 and Wii points cards. So take a look, you might see something you like!

Rice truck gets a hydraulic handbrake install
I got tired of using the pedal parking brake so i installed a hydraulic handbrake

OrangeJuiced's 2001 GMC Sierra body dropped on hydraulics 3
My hydraulic set up. 2 pumps, 4 dumps, 4 batteries, 6 inch cylinders in front, 8 inch cylinders in the rear, all accumulated. Has suicide doors, 2 inch drop spindles, 3 inch body drop, 22's, Hand built 6 link in the rear. The truck was built by me and my dad. Painted in the garage. Link to the full build. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/129871-orangejuiceds-2001-sier ra-complete-build/