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Hydraulic Bouncing Truck at the 2009 Charleston Boulevard Car Show

This is the same truck as my last year's video, only he repainted it for this year. To see this from a different angle check out my brother's video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho5iwj5PTls (he also got video of another car that I didn't get due to SD card malfunction)


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Slab sunday hydraulics on truck

Mexican Low rider cars fighting each other and crashing
low rider crash The Joker Vs Cyclone @ Texas Heatwave 2013

The Denver Lowrider SHow 06'
Denver Hop Contest

NoAckUp Hydraulic Truck
Hawaii's very own Auto Showoff. Truck did a flip right on her side :D

MAN RC Hydraulic Lexington car truck 1/14
Homemade hydraulic Lexington car truck.

92 Mazda mini truck (lowrider truck)

Bouncing car at the Charleston Car Show
One of the hydraulic bouncing car contestants at the 2008 "Charleston Boulevard Rod Run and Doo Wop Car Show" (now THAT'S a long title!!). I really liked the way this guy started out, bouncing his car straight up in the air. I overheard someone in the crowd asking his buddy how anyone got the idea to even DO this with a car? Very fun to watch, though!

Slamology 2011 Hydraulic Contest / Bouncy Bounce
Pretty sweet contest here. Just when a fire ball came from the truck at the end my camera ran out of memory. Can ya believe it. I always miss the cool stuff. Almost burnt my face!!! This is pretty much the only time I stepped away from the DB Drag and bassrace area.

Cortina Hydraulics Prom Car
Ford Cortina with hydraulic suspension modification, lush alloys and a nice purple pearlescent paintjob. Please visit this store: http://xgibbed.gamefanshop.com As you can get many great discounts, with fast and secure payment options, so along with getting a good deal, you'll also be helping me out, too! Choose from all genres, and you can also buy Apple, Xbox, PS3 and Wii points cards. So take a look, you might see something you like!

Lowrider - Custom Car & Truck Contest
Rate - Comment - Subscribe. Lowriders are vehicles that have been modified with hydraulic or air bag suspension systems which enable them to be lowered within a fraction of an inch off the ground or possibly bounced so that the front end of the car comes completely off the ground. The word "lowrider" is also used to refer to those who drive or own such cars. They are flashy, show-quality custom vehicles. The exteriors typically feature expensive custom paintjobs (the best are often referred to as candy) that consist of several thin layers of different colors, metal oxide flake or pearl flake, clear coat, metal leaf, airbrushed murals or script, pinstripes, flames or any other hand-painted graphics, or any combination of the above. Many Lowriders feature custom hydraulic suspension or an air bag system that allows the driver to alter the ride height at will. These systems range from simple to complex and are usually measured by the amount of switches used to control the various hydraulic combinations that produce a specific motion from the vehicle.

Dancing Bed At Freakshow 07, Wilson, NC, Drop Jaw Mag
mini truck with dancing bed at freakshow 07 in wilson.

More videos around the topic radio-/ remote-controlled RC model can be found on my channel Pitpointer: http://www.youtube.com/user/Pitpointer/featured Have fun and best regards, Peter Dunkel Weitere Videos rund um das Thema funkferngesteuerter RC (Radio / Remote Controlled) Modellbau findest du auf meinem Kanal Pitpointer: http://www.youtube.com/user/Pitpointer/featured Viel Spaß und liebe Grüße, Peter Dunkel

Semi Diesel Truck Airbag or Hydraulics Badass!

Daddys customs
the famouse daddys customs on a car show. im estimated tank is running at 300 psi???

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