Ford 351 V8 Coming back to Life (HQ)

Carburettor is FUBAR but it runs okay.

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Dueling V8's - Ford 351 Vs Chev 350 - No Exhaust High Quality
Loud fun with a couple of old V8's! (v8jagnut's place) We ran limited fuel and static water cooling in the block so the runs were short but fun! the 350 is on a Australian Approved (350 conversion) Jaguar Series 1 Front end, and is for sale in the Melbourne Area

Nissan-Datsun L18 4Cyl High Quality Run
Ignition still mis fires but I will work that out soon. apart from that this engine is good to go!.

Yamaha 465cc 2 stroke Dirt Bike Weapon.
I think I would kill myself riding it but I want to make it run again :D not sure what model it is exactly. Needs seat, tank, coil, clutch cable, throttle cable etc.

Damaged Chonda 5.5Hp Engine Torture
Even my neighbor was impressed by how tough it was!