1935 Packard V-12 1207 Sedan Barn Find by Tom Laferriere

Details showing the removal

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1935 Packard V-12 Barn Find Part II Tom Laferriere Classic Cars
The starting of the might V-12 Packard Engine

1935 Packard 1207 V-12 Barn Find Part III, The test drive
Third and final installment of the series.

Carchaeology: 1952 Packard 400 Patrician barn find with 1312 original miles
An amazing and beautiful story than the one of this incredible 1952 Packard 400 Patrician, bought new in December 1951 in Fullerton California, by a farmer who cashed out big selling land to the state for expansion of the 91 freeway. He walked into the Packard dealership and asked for the very best that money could buy then, the absolute top of the line, and he drove this amazing car home like the king and loved it dearly for...1312 miles.... One day at church a jealous neighbor, that was angry with him for selling the land, broke the antenna off the car in protest. This upset the owner so greatly than he parked it in his garage and never drove it again... He would start it and clean it now and then, but it never left his property since the 50's. He passed away a number of years ago and the car remained in storage until earlier this year when it was found and saw the light again, all original from the tires on up with just 1312 original miles... The car is in amazing condition, and only seeing it for real will give you the whole dimension of this find. No pictures or videos will let you feel the talc on the rubbers, smell this awkard bewitching mix of Old and New, or feel the carpet from the tip of your fingers and let the goosebumps climbing slowly your arm.... Sitting for some time the engine needed a few hours and some fresh gas to restart in a nice mix of victory screams, smoke and loud sticky valves. After replacing all fluids and diverse hoses and parts if needed, we finally restarted the Queen for good and Randy was able to shyly sacrifice two little miles out of Her...magical moment for any Gearhead when Present is joining Past in a nice flat eight rumble on a dusty road under the California Sunset... Thanks Randy, definitely one of the best for me, and we did a few... Obviously I have to dedicate this little video to the angry neighboor whose action some 60 years ago gave us this rare opportunity today.... Please enjoy. Car will be sold at no reserve at the Gooding & Company auction in Scottsdale AZ January 20 & 21, more info : http://www.goodingco.com/

The world's most valuable barn find rare Cars untouched for 50 years
Today these old cars are worth a lot of money. We are talking about american muscle cars produced before and now found in different places of the world. Some models like the Corvette, now cost more than the latest models of these vehicles. We have brought in this photo gallery of some of the cars with strange findings. Rates are staggering and there are sellers who are willing to pay more money to buy these cars. What's your favorite ?Please leave your comments ,share and Subscribe NOTE:The images in this video are used for demonstration purposes. They belong to their rightful owners. In some cases they have been modified by way illustration and/or satire !! For all business and licensing inquiries please email : apollo13178@libero.it