Ultralite S2K in Duel at De Anza 2008

Duel at De Anza Autocross De Anza Collage, Cupertino CA

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WCM Ultralite S2K @ Pacific Raceways 08/11/08
First track run for new 2008 World Class Motorsports Ultralite S2K Roadster at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA. Proformance Racing School's 'Power Lunch' session.

[HD] WCM Ultralite S2K in Detail |1080p
At the Cars and Coffee, a WCM Ultralite had arrived to attend, a car very similar to the Caterham 7. At first sight, my friends and I had assumed that it was a Caterham, since we had seen it from long distance, but as we approached the car, on the hood was a Honda badge. Discovering it was a Ultralite, the Ultralite S2K, is still a super seven, but is given a S2000 engine, with just a little bit over 240hp. So being a lightweight vehicle with such an engine, makes this an impressive car. Tell me what you guys think about this sporty car car and please rate, comment, fave, or Sub! Enjoy!

50 fly at 29 sec.
At Chinese swim meet. Now my son is just a few seconds behind me.

Victor Sias's BMW M3 Duel at De Anza Autocross 2006
Victor Sias makes a run in his race modified M3 at the De Anza Autocross of '06 for a time of 47.205, marking the fastest time for a BMW at the autocross, and placing well within the top 5 times that day.