04 WRX vs 01 Eclipse GT

wrx using launch control and goes 13.07 at 103mph at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix www.snailperformance.com

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Eclipse GT top speed
topping out my 2000 eclipse gt. sorry for the shakiness, the road was a little rough... i only got it to 140 mph... yea its slow, but its better than nothing right?

Nissan Sentra SER vs Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Cam view #1
SER spec V- intake, headers, greddy Exhaust, and a stock tune Mitsubishi- Spectre custom intake, invidia Exhaust, and a custom tune

Subaru WRX vs. Eclipse GST
Racing my buddies Eclipse from a stop and then from a roll

2004 WRX STI Crash
Just dug this video up from the archives. An old friend of mine wrecked his STI when he went on a "back-road" drive with some buddies.