Audi RS4 - sound, INSANE revs; 1080p HD

Gijs records an amazing matte grey Audi RS4 Sedan. This is the second time I see this RS4, but this time I spoke to the very friendly owner. I asked him if I could make a video from the sound, and he told me he had already been filmed and uploaded to Youtube. Well, anyways he revved this badass RS4 very loud! Thanks for that to the owner! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: 2nd CHANNEL:

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Timati’s Lamborghini Mansory Aventador LP1600-4 Carbonado GT in Monaco!
Here’s a short video of the unique Mansory Aventador Carbonado owned by Russian rapper Timati in Monaco. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: 2nd CHANNEL: RAZZI:

Peugeot 106 Rallye with Supersprint exhaust revs + flames!
A quick rev video of my 106 Rallye with Supersprint Exhaust. Set up: * 4-2-1 Exhaust manifold * 1.3 head + 1.3 intake * 1.6 lower block * no catalyser and no middle muffler, so basically a straight pipe from the Exhaust manifold to the muffler * Supersprint muffler and lots of work done to the chassis.

Porsche 935 K3: impressive Turbo sounds at Spa-Francorchamps!
During our roadtrip this summer we stopped at Spa-Francorchamps where Bookatrack held a trackday. Amongst the cars on track was this epic Porsche 935 K3. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: 2nd CHANNEL:

Peugeot 106 Rallye on the Nürburgring
Not a very satisfactory lap, with 2 yellow-flag zones at Quiddelbacher Höhe and Schwedenkreuz, an oil-leakage at Pflanzgarten and quite a bit of traffic. Nevertheless, the Rallye did great and we had a lot of fun! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: 2nd CHANNEL: