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Anracing - Sydney to Perth Fundraiser Video 2

3 Boys, 1 Car and 8000km in a 900hp 72' Falcon GT


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ANRacing Sydney to Perth Fundraiser Video 1
3 Boys, 1 Car and 8000km in a 900hp 72' Falcon GT

XY GT from ANRACING 10.01@137mph
This is the car the ANRacing boys drove to Perth and back for the Starlight Foundation

Ford XW GS Falcon with 600hp 351 Cleveland - EMU Autoworks
Ford XW GS Falcon with 600hp 351 Cleveland. This car is simply awesome. See EMU Autoworks in Myaree, W.A. for all your custom built performance Exhaust work, mechanical and upgrades. Old school or modern muscle.

Ford XA GT Falcon
More at http://www.classiccar.co.nz. 1972 Ford XA GT Falcon, 300BHP @ 5400rpm. 351 cubic inch Cleveland V8. Check out this car on Checka: http://www.checka.co.nz/FreeReport.aspx?plate=GI6840

XR Fairmont GT Falcon Baltons That Parts Bloke 1967 V8 Windsor.wmv
XR Fairmont GT Falcon Baltons That Parts Bloke 1967 1968 V8 Windsor For Sale. Hidden relic rescued from from a farm shed www.baltons.com www.thatpartsbloke.com for sale on ebay XT XW XY

wild gt falcon almost rolls over
russel havin some fun in his wild falcon gt replica

XY Falcon On Dyno

XY GT Thommo Falcon

Touring Car Legends on the Gold Coast

Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 4 test drive.flv
This car's likely one of the most significant production cars in Australia to have never gone into full production. So glad to see this car in the light of day. Much speculation surrounds the truth of the XA GTHO Phase 4's. Forget all that, just enjoy the video and the few remaining cars in exitence. I will say, however, beware of the mass media and its vile, conniving behaviours - considering its them that destroyed our opprtunity to have this car on the road.

WIN a 1971 Ford Falcon XY GT-HO Phase III Tribute
Unique Cars magazine has spent the last six months restoring a bare chassis shell into what they reckon is the nation's best Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase III tribute - with the help of the good folk at Grand Tourer Restorations, using Rare Spares restoration parts and accessories (www.rarespares.net.au). It has taken months of work, but the GT-HO replica is finished - stripped and restored, laid in a stunning Vermillion Fire paint job with a fresh 351 Cleveland powerplant. There were a myriad of choices when it came to the specifications - the original Phase III claimed 300 horses (223kW) but actually pumped out closer to 350 (260kW). If you have the right combination of lunacy and money, about double the original is possible, albeit at the expense of driveability and reliability. The Unique Cars XY had to have both features, so the target was more modest: a tad over 400hp (298kW). So how did they go? They got a lazy 426 horses (317kW) without resorting to crazy revs, plus a torque curve almost as flat as the Nullarbor. This car has one very sweet engine! The best part of this rebuild is; you could WIN it!...Unique Cars Magazine open the competition to win this Aussie Icon on January 6, 2010 (check out the magazine for full details on how to win it). The video shows Rare Spares Brand Ambassador, V8 Supercar legend and Hall of Famer; John Bowe taking the beast for a test drive see what JB has to say about it.

Groundcorp supernats
AN Racing at Supernats

XWFORD's First Run
XWFORD's first run at WSID

burvale run you tube version one
Just some of the highlights from the day. Would you like to be part of such club runs? Interested in discussing coupes with like minded people? then visit www.aussiecoupes.net and ask/find information on just about anything you want in reguards to these Australian muscle cars.

xy gt &xw gt ford falcon fans watch this launch
launcing xw gt xw xy gt xa xb xc xd xe xf xg xm xp xr xt GTHO Phase ford falcon & fairmont fans watch this 351 falcon beast launching sedan racing burnout historic toploader nine inch

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RALPH ANDREACCHI, Engine: 526 ABR, Supercharger: KOBELCO

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Jorge, Engine: 1995 Mazda RX7 13B, Supercharger: na Turbos: Turbonetics 81-Q Turbine Tires: Goodyear 31X14

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David Turbo, Engine: Rotary Mazda, Turbos: Turbonetic Tires: Secret

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carlos casaas, Engine: 1.8, Turbos: t66 Tires: 29/12

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Alex Felix, Engine: Toyota 3T 1.8, Turbos: Turbonetic T66

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carlos casanas, Engine: 1.8, Turbos: t66p58 Tires: 29x10 hoosier

1989 Toyota Starlet turbo-s: 10.178 @ 137.610
Richard Nicholas, Engine: 5EFE, Turbos: garrett ball bearing Tires: M/T

1981 Toyota Starlet : 10.320 @ 126.450
Jaime E Santiago, Engine: 2.6 Mitsubishi starion, Supercharger: no Turbos: T04garrete Tires: 26/8.5 15

1979 Toyota Starlet : 10.401 @ 132.000
jeff richardson, Engine: 3sgte, Turbos: gt35/40 Tires: m/t

1978 Toyota Starlet : 10.464 @ 127.000
Jari Soini, Engine: Toyota 2A (1295cm3), Turbos: Holset HX serie (selfmade)

1981 Toyota Starlet : 10.800 @ 125.000
jose candelaria, Engine: 1.8, Turbos: to4 Tires: 24.5 13*9

1991 Toyota Starlet : 11.406 @ 120.600
noel rhone, Engine: 5efhe, Turbos: mitsubishi Tires: mickey thompson

1990 Toyota Starlet EP82: 11.700 @ 121.000
Harry Bates, Engine: 5efte, Supercharger: no Turbos: Garret GT2540 Tires: MT 22x15x8

1982 Toyota Starlet 1.8: 11.720 @ 112.000
Jr., Engine: 1.8 litre, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: mikey tomson

1986 Toyota Starlet Rotary: 12.140 @ 0.000
Rafael Martinez, Engine: 13B, Tires: M/T ET Drag 26*8.5/R15

1988 Toyota Starlet GT: 12.195 @ 120.288
Farasat Salar Alvi, Engine: 5EFTE, Turbos: HKS GT Tires: yokohama A520

1994 Toyota Starlet GT Turbo: 12.279 @ 106.130
Chad Pearson, Engine: 5efhe, Turbos: td05 h 16g

1995 Toyota Starlet : 12.400 @ 115.000
andrew morgan, Engine: 1.5, Turbos: garrett t4 super 60 Tires: m/t

1995 Kit-Car Shelby Cobra : 12.708 @ 108.400
Steve Brown, Engine: Chevy 350 ZZ4 Small Block V8, Supercharger: None Turbos: None Tires: Toyo Proxies

1999 Buell S3 Thunderbolt: 12.824 @ 106.380
B Renstrom, Tires: Pirelli Diablo Corsa


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