Chevy Ls powered mustang vs 99 GSX Eclipse

Nitrous backfire on the Mustang and the gsx drags his ass

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OKC street racing! Cammed Z06, cam/spray C6, Whipple Cobra, Sprayed 5.0. etc.

My 97 eclipse GSX vs 2001 Mustang GT
Me racing a friends Mustang GT from a 40 roll. He honks.

Chevy powered mustang
T56 6 SPEED Ls2 6.0 ltr procharged fox body Mustang. 608 rwhp @10psi. 10.62 @ 119 mph

Procharged G8 GT vs Turbo AWD DSM Eclipse
G8 GT D1SC, Yank 3200 28" Hoosiers, Meth, Full 3" Exhaust w/ lt's AWD 98 Eclipse BW S300sx 88/75, W4A33 Auto, PI 9.5" Billet converter