Testfahrt 22.08.2011 Karman Ghia Typ14 WBX mit Einspritzanlage

Der Motor wurde mal etwas höher gedreht um zu gucken ob alles funktioniert ! Fazit : Der Motor macht Angst !!!

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VW Type 4 / Porsche 914 Engine installed in 1971 Karmann Ghia
Transplanted my single port 1600cc Type 1 for a 2056cc Type 4 in my 1971 Karmann Ghia using Joe Cali's recipe. Without his manual I would never had attempted it....for those who are thinking about it.....do it!! You wont be sorry...I laid a 3foot patch of rubber leaving my garage on my very first launch!!!

Karman Ghia auf dem Leistungsprüfstand bei Retroracing Menden

DIY/How To: Rebuild 2.1L VW Vanagon Waterboxer Adventure
Gear Heads this is just a conglomeration of my adventure rebuilding my 2.1L wasserboxer motor. It started out as only a head gasket job, which you can do without pulling the motor, but realized that the cylinder o-rings were bad plus one of the water jackets stuck to the head as I pulled it off, so no other option but to pull the whole motor. Took about 3 weeks on and off, a little everyday. This was first time pulling a VW with an automatic transmission, but no more difficult than a manual, in fact maybe a little easier. My radiator fan motor was bad so I tried rebuilding it but that failed, those bloody things are $350! plus the pressure power steering hose is leaking from the sensor, that damn thing is $339!! I spent about $400 total on the rebuild so to have to shell out $700 for a hose and fan motor is bloody crazy...

Motor Einstellung 2 15.08.2011.MOV
Zweiter Einstellungstermin des WBX Luft Motors mit frei programmierbarer Einspritzung . Läuft schon wesentlich runder :-)