Volkswagen Jetta Power Outlet Problem and Solution

***YES I KNOW THIS VIDEO IS SHAKY, HORRIBLE AND OLD...I WAS 15 WHEN I MADE IT SO CUT ME SOME SLACK*** So when the jetta first started doing this I thought I was fucked over a huge electrical issue but it turned out just to be a hard to find fuse!

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How to check and replace a fuse 2005 Volkswagen
Http:// Learn how to check and replace a fuse. This video came after a conversation with a customer that did not know what a fuse was. This is on my 2005 Volkswagen Passt 1.8t Humble Mechanic Podcasts Failed VW parts videos Tool Reviews How To videos MK1 VR6 Swap Videos Follow me on: The Blog INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOD STUFF ON AMAZON (affiliate)

Volkswagen Jetta 2012 Fuse box location
In a VW Jetta, you can't charge your whatever-it-is, you can't light your cigarette, your joint or your crack pipe. WTF do you do? Change the fuse you hump! Where is it, which one, c'mon I'm in a hurry!?

Change a fuse
Changing a fuse and checking the cigarette lighter in a Vw Passat or Jetta

VW Golf mk4 Fuse box and wire connection problems SOLVED
What to check if youre getting these errors: 16946 - System Voltage Too Low P0562 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent 00668 - Supply Voltage Terminal 30 16-10 - Signal Outside Specifications - Intermittent 00532 - Supply Voltage B+ 07-10 - Signal to Low - Intermittent 00538 - Reference Voltage 07-10 - Signal to Low - Intermittent 01330 - Central Control Module for Central Convenience (J393) 30-10 - Open or Short to B+ - Intermittent