Volkswagen Jetta Power Outlet Problem and Solution

So when the jetta first started doing this I thought I was fucked over a huge electrical issue but it turned out just to be a hard to find fuse!

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VW Jetta Tdi shutoff valve and relay 109 diagnostic
This video deal with a 1998 Jetta Tdi with 351,000 miles. Can had and intermittent no start condition due to a faulty relay 109. However I jumped the gun and failed on the most basic premise...always diagnosis the problem before spending $150 "throwing" a part at a problem before it is fully diagnosed. Moral of the story is a $20 part was the real issue!

How to fix the 12V outlet / cigarette lighter in a Volkswagen
Here is a fix to a common problem where a coin drops inside the 12V socket and flows the fuse.

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