Audi S4 vs Toyota TTE drag race

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Toyota motorsport GMBH
visita al taller de toyota motorsport GMBH (TTE)

Audi 100 S4 1000 HP Vs. Nissan Almera Turbo Drag Race Follow Us On FaceBook: Belgium - Brustem [King Of Europe West] 2008 - 06 - 22 1/4 Mile

Audi B5 S4 and Toyota Supra Pull
Audi S4 2.7T and Big turbo Supra, don't shit talk, both cars are fast, just doing some pulls having fun. There was way to much traffic to get a clean run in.

Audi S4 B5 vs Toyota
Toyota 2 liter turbo Audi 2.7 V6 Bi-turbo Stage 2