Ls1 with polluter cam shifting at 7k

Car has 97xxx miles still holding strong. K tek rod bolts and head studs, cam and full exaust.

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trex cam ws6 20-120
just a run in my cammed ws6

8,000 RPM LS1, 1999 FRC C5 Corvette, NASA Road Racing, HPDE
Not good. 1999 FRC C5 Corvette. Downshifted a bit early. Car went into limp mode. Engine survived with no issues.

700hp GM LS3 all motor V8 street engine
Competition Induction Design ( CID ) LS stroker V8 engine build and Dyno tune. The LS3 based 419ci V8 features a Callies crank and connecting rod and breathes thorugh CID LS3 port design cylinder heads. Watch as it makes over 700hp still retaining a hydraulic roller camshaft running on pump 98-octane RON unleaded. [ ] Creative Commons music license CC 3.0 Music: Severed Fifth

polluter camshaft dyno run
Here is a movie of my car on the Dyno. I'm not for sure if i can trust these numbers it gave to me but the car made 387hp and 367tq. I believe that it should be more.