Ls1 with polluter cam shifting at 7k

Car has 97xxx miles still holding strong. K tek rod bolts and head studs, cam and full exaust.

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8,000 RPM LS1, 1999 FRC C5 Corvette, NASA Road Racing, HPDE
Not good. 1999 FRC C5 Corvette. Downshifted a bit early. Car went into limp mode. Engine survived with no issues.

trex cam ws6 20-120
just a run in my cammed ws6

8,000RPM Shifting My 540 Bigblock Corvette
Watch the tach. 1st to 2nd shift is at 8,000RPM. 2nd to 3rd is at 7,500. And some people say a bigblock won't rev. This is a 700+hp 540CID Merlin block Chevy engine. I've opened an online store where you can get 540Merlin T-shirts and other great stuff! This is the only source in the world for 540Merlin stuff.

SpeedMullet 6.0 lsx STICK SHIFT 10.87 pass in car 7800 rpm launch
still getting more seat time. it's getting better though.