13B PP Race Motor - Test start

Test starting my 13Bpp race motor built by Redline Rotary in Sydney. Highly recommended, thanks guys!

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13b pp rotary at 2010 jamboree
13b pp they had for sale at 4 and rota jamboree 2010 $10000 sound fuking sik. skids, burnouts, drifts, drifting, rx2,rx3, 12a, 13b, 10a, sik, rb, 323, 626, dx, jamboree,

Next Generation Rotary Engine?
Patented Intake System for Wankel Rotary Engine, Removes traditional 'Throttle' valve and controls engine load by varying the amount of Air/Fuel avilable for combustion by bleeding off the compression cycle and recirculating it into next the intake cycle. "Compression Charge Recirculation Engine Load Control" Improved torque curve with less fluctuation, Reduced pumping losses, Better fuel atomisation/ economy. PATENT LICENCE FOR SALE

Mazda RX8 motor rotativo reparacion parte 1
en este video se muestra como se desarma el motor rotativo renesis de mazda. https://www.facebook.com/mechanic.handyman

Mazda RX3 - 13B PP Build (Timelapse)
Full rebuild of my 13B Peripheral Port engine for my Mazda RX3. Quick video of Assyrian Performance stacking the motor together. First start up video coming soon!!