Evo X acceleration

Tuned Evo X with Invidia N1 TBE and HKS Kansai intake kit. Done on closed road, with a CEL on due to an O2 sensor error.

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Evo X Acceleration
Evolution X before and after tuning. 50-150km/h

foam lance evo x
MTM hyrdo foam lance, you do not need to buy those expensive ones. This one does the job at half the price. Craftsman pressure washer 2700psi, 2.3gpm. soap is Maxi Suds II from chemical guys

EVO X 0-280km/h (stock motor(kelford cams), stock turbo)

Tuned Mitsubishi Evo X - 2011 Acceleration Tacho
In this video i try out my Evo X in some different speeds intervals to measure its performance. The motor modifications to the car in the video is a Ecutek Ecu tune, HKS hi-power Exhaust with a AMS test pipe and a HKS airfilter. The test was held at a highway called E4 outside the city of Gävle in Sweden.