Chevy Cobalt VS Nova heads up drag race

11000 RPM 289 ci Chevy Cobalt VS Nova with a close finish

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Cobalt at Osceola, IN

Chevrolet Cobalt, тест-драйв | Мы Вконтакте |

San Antonio Street Racing Turbo Cobalt SS vs Mustang GT...... Before and After GM Stage 1 KIt
09 Cobalt SS stock Round 1-2. Stage 1 Kit round 3-4. 08 Mustang GT Steeda Cold air intake, H pipe Exhaust, with high flow muffler. Round 1 - 10mph roll Round 2 - 40roll. Mustang got on it first, missed 4th Round 3 - 40 roll. Hill made us let off. Round 4 - From a stop. bad video. Mustang got the launch, cobalt in 3rd going to 4th in video.

High Revving Cobalt vs Nova Heads Up Drag Race
11000 RPM Cobalt running heads up with 289 ci small block chevy