Heat shrinking in 4 minutes: Golf 5

Heat shrinking the rear windshield of a VW Golf 5 with ASWF windowfilm. Easy to shrink, even with the hardest rear windshields!

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VW Golf Mk5 rear window tinting - heat shrinking and installation.
In this video we tint the rear screen of VW Golf Mk5. We use Llumar ATX window film. We show you our way of heat shrinking and installation. More videos coming soon. Let us know what you want us to record next. www.BestPriceGarage.co.uk www.WindowTinting.London

Signworld ramen tinten
Het fohnen van een achterruit VW6 in 3,5 minuut door Signworld window tinting.

How To Tint VW Golf MK6 Rear Screen
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Auto Film Shrinking Technique - The Soap Method
How to shrink automotive window film for the back window of cars using and alternative method to wet shrinking, or dry powder. This is not a beginner demo. Some tinting experience is essential to understand the basic concepts which are not explained in this demo. To find out more about what we do, visit us at http://www.ultratint.com.au Or Follow our pages on Facebook or Twitter: http://www.facebook.com/ultratint.com.au http://www.twitter.com/ultratint ..