Heat shrinking in 4 minutes: Golf 5

Heat shrinking the rear windshield of a VW Golf 5 with ASWF windowfilm. Easy to shrink, even with the hardest rear windshields!

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Signworld ramen tinten
Het fohnen van een achterruit VW6 in 3,5 minuut door Signworld window tinting.

Tips and Techniques: Curved glass technique (Part 1)
In this video, Jose from Solar Gard USA demonstrates a curved glass technique, including the Pull and Stretch method shrinking VW rear screen. VW rear screens are very difficult to shrink and many tinters have problems. Using SolarGard HP Supreme 22 Window Film. Dry shrinking with powder. Second half of vid is Reverse Roll for Rear Screen Auto -- Very interesting and not many people can do properly. Squeegeeing VW Rear Screen. Visit Solar Gard Australia www.solargard.com.au or find us on twitter @SolarGardAus

Window Tinting Reverse Roll
This is the method I use to install window tint to most back windows of cars. There are others methods but this one has help me for the most. P.S. This video was inspired from a request from "hawkeyesaob"

Dry Shrink Method
A clip explaining how to properly install window film on the rear window using the Dry Shrink technique.