2007 Toyota Camry 3.5L v6 Serpentine Belt (V-Belt) Replacement HD

This a walk through of the belt replacement. I couldn't find a good DIY online so I decided to make one myself.

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Toyota Camry 2007 2011 How to Change Serpentine Belt
http://camryforums.com/how-tos is the leading Toyota Camry resource for technical, how-tos. You'll know the serpentine belt needs replacing if you hear a squeal coming from the engine compartment, your battery starts to drain, and the engine starts to overheat. For a complete guide on replacing the serpentine belt, please visit http://www.camryforums.com/how-tos/a/toyota-camry-2007-2011-how-to-replace- serpentine-belt-396986. The serpentine belt on your Camry's engine is not only critical to keeping the car running, but is also critical to you having a comfortable drive. You'll know the serpentine belt needs replacing if you hear a squeal coming from the engine compartment, your battery starts to drain, and the engine starts to overheat. This belt uses a series of pulleys to transfer power from the motor's crankshaft to other engine components such as the alternator, A/C, and power steering. So if you notice the aforementioned symptoms and can visibly see that the belt is worn down or cracked, the best thing for you to do is replace it before it snaps. Replacing the belt will only take one to two hours and cost just around twenty-five dollars to complete. This task is not difficult at all and just takes the right tools and patience. The tools you’ll need are; a hydraulic floor jack, jack stands, wheel chocks, a tire iron, ratchet with extension, and 10 and 19mm sockets. Step 1 – Gain access to the serpentine belt The serpentine belt is located on the front passenger's side of the engine compartment; therefore, you will need to remove the front-right wheel to access and replace the belt. Park your car on flat level ground and engage the parking brake. Chock the rear wheels. Using a tire iron, break the lug nuts free. Raise the front-right side of the your car using a floor jack. Remove the lug nuts and the wheel. Lower the vehicle onto the jack stand. Remove the two 10mm bolts holding the inner fender liner in place. Pull off the inner fender liner and set it aside. Step 2 – Remove the serpentine belt Place your 19mm socket on the tensioner nut located above the tensioner pulley. While turning the socket clockwise, toward the front of the car, slide the belt off of one of the pulleys. By pulling the nut, you are releasing the tension on the belt. Release the tension on the pulley. Then completely remove the belt from the rest of the pulleys. Step 3 – Install the new serpentine belt Guide the new belt through the wheel well opening, and properly route it onto all but one of the pulleys. Use the 19mm socket to release the tension on the tensioner pulley nut. Free the tension enough so that you are able to slide the belt onto the remaining pulley. Then release the tension, and make sure the belt is tight and correctly routed. Once the new belt has been installed, reinstall the removed components. First re-attach the inner fender liner and secure it using the two 10mm bolts. Mount the wheel and tighten the lug nuts to a snug fit. Lower the car back onto the ground, and fully tighten the lug nuts in a crisscross pattern. With the serpentine belt replaced, you can now enjoy your air conditioning, power steering, and a worry free drive.


Toyota Sienna Serpentine Belt Replacement 3.5L Engine (2007-2010)
Quick video on how to change the serpentine belt, also known as the accessory belt, also know as the drive belt, on the Toyota Sienna with the 3.5L V6 engine.

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