BMW Key Initialization Procedure

This procedure will work for all keys that are not the square style key. This is the full procedure on how to initialize your old or new keys or to add a key to the vehicle. This would be for 3 series, 5 series, X3, X5, and 7 series.

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BMW E39 How To Program Key/ Activate Remote Functions (EASY)
This is EXACTLY what I did 1. Key into ignition 2 (before start) 2. Leave it in for like 1 sec and take out 3. Hold unlock button while pressing center button 3 times 4. If done correctly doors should unlock and lock 2000 BMW 540i

How to program / setup a new BMW E46 key fob 330 325
A brief how to on setting up a new BMW key. This was done on a 2001 E46 coupe 330ci. Steps: 1) Insert new key. 2) Turn to the #1 position and back five times. 3) Remove key 4) Press and hold the unlock button on the key 5) While holding the unlock button, press the lock button three times. Once these steps are done, the car should lock and unlock the doors a few times to let you know you were successful. Once this is done, you can start the car and use the key as usual.

Recharger une commande - Réinitialiser une télécommande de voiture
Recharger une commande de voiture (BMW) et la réinitialiser est vraiment simple, surtout que cette télécommande ne nécessite pas de changer les piles. B General Channel

DIY- BMW e46 key fob battery remove/replace
This is how I fixed my key after it wasnt working well lately, it would work only few times and after i went to the dealer they told me I had to buy a new key for 230$...i said...HELL NO! so i found my way around and hopefully i can help you guys save some money too. good luck, be smart, be safe and... BE POLITE WHEN POSTING COMMENTS...thanks