vw rabbit 16v

16v rabbit racing

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16v rabbit twin screw first drive
first time driving. myself in the drivers seat and my buddy rick sittin shotty.

berg cup (bergrennen) Rennsteig 07 may
German Hillclimbing with old and new racing cars

300hp 1979 VW Rabbit with open dump valve
Car has finally come together. In this vid im only runnning about 16lbs of Boost with some fueling issues under full power. I estimate around 220-250hp. Full Boost will be around 300+ at 22psi. 1.8t with a GT28RS, O2A with vr6 gearset, peloquin lsd, Stage 4 clutch, Intake, Exhaust, Rods, Rollcage. the works pretty much

16v ABA Mk1 Volkswagen Rabbit
Found out my main ground strap was somehow grounding out the main starter power lead during this video being taken. massively dangerous, and performance effecting especially up top. :/ oh well. will do more once its sorted.