rx7 12a Camden start up

here is a video of my rx7 with a 7" camden Supercharger.

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12A Bridgeport Series 1 RX7

12a large streetported supercharger start up.
Here's a vid of how my rx7 looks as today. there has been some changes since the last vid:12a large streeported, rebuilt (only 2k miles), aluminum rad, driver bride seat, carbon fiber lip spoiler, and of course the Supercharger :)

My supercharged FB RX-7
'83 RX-7 with a streetported 4-port 13B, Camden 7" Supercharger with -7 pulley (9 PSI Boost), 600 CFM Holley carb, Racing Beat road race header collected to 2", Racing Beat presilencer, Borla Pro XS muffler.

Supercharged 1976 Toyota Celica RA29
Quick acceleration clips of my supercharged 76 liftback. The kit is an ebay-purchased camden Supercharger on a built 20r with a weber 36. Pulls really good but I didn't want to push it for fear of Johnny Law. I put some effort into the editing, sorry about all the fisheye. P.s. The song in the beginning is an original by me www.myspace.com/danielthemixmeister