2011 Raptor Corsa Exhaust

2011 6.2L Raptor, Corsa Exhaust system, PPC Custom smoked tail lenses

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2011+ Ford Raptor NEW Xtreme Sound Level
PN 14387 Sport Sound Level PN 14760, 14758, 14759, 14757 NEW Xtreme Sound Level

2010 Ford Raptor 6.2L with Borla Exhaust
2010 Ford Raptor SVT (6.2L)with Borla Exhaust

Ford F 150 SVT Raptor Corsa Xtreme Cat Back Exhaust Sound
This is an edit I put together of my brand new Corsa Xtreme cat back Exhaust with black tips. The window is cracked open in the onboard shots. There is no drone and the Exhaust noise is very minimal inside the cab unless you open the window. It screams outside of the truck. Absolutely love the sound and volume!

How to break in a new Raptor
3 day old raptor gettin loose!