"Satan" the 1941 Willys!

My buddy's 800 horse 8-71 blown 502 '41 Willys out for a stomp! Music by Marilyn Manson!

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Satan UNLEASHED! by Quickie Films TV
'Satan' the '41 Willys unleashed on the street! It's an ORGASM! Video footage by "Flipper" the great Latona. Music by Colt Ford!

Dinos 1941 Willys
Title says it all 1941 willys 355 stroker / 750 hp for sale please email hotroddino1@aol.com

1941Willys 'wicked will' start up.m4v
1941 All steel Willys 'wicked will' starting up

1941 Willys back from the Grave
The Willys Americar was a line of automobiles produced by Willys-Overland Motors from 1937 to 1942, either as a sedan, coupe, station wagon or pickup truck. The coupe version is a very popular hot rod choice, either as a donor car or as a fiberglass model. Critical four-cylinder engine failures, lack of reposition parts and the sheer lack of assistance from Willys turned many Americars into perfect targets for the nascent hot rod community - the Go Devil engine was replaced with many other alternatives, some weaker, some much stronger than the original specification. It became such a favorite with Hot Rodders that today a 100% stock Americar is a very rare find. Soundtrack... Just alright by The Riverside Trio