Skyline R33 GTR vs Acura RSX Turbo

Nissan Skyrine R33 GTR with Boost restrictor disabled and a few bolt on modifications Vs. Acura RSX turbo with built motor on i believe a billet 6262.

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R33 GTR Skyline Single Turbo Highway Pull 600whp+
Just a little 2nd/3rd/4th pull onto the highway. Stopped the pull at 150 mph. Car is on a Borgwarner S362 FMW turbo, AEM Series 2, etc supporting mods... Stock internal long block on 28 pounds.

Turbo K20 EG Civic Highway Pulls
Millers pump gas tune, in car version of the previous video I posted with the car on the Dyno. Makes 502whp on 93 pump gas.

Skyline R33 GTR First Start Up on Borg Warner S362 FMW
First start up on AEM EMS V2 and single set up with supporting mods!

Nissan Skyline R33 GTR vs Chris's Modded Mercedes C63 AMG
I was sleeping off the line bad and wasnt paying attention. Chris's car has long tube headers, tune, and some Nitrous. This pass I ran a 11.60 at 124 and he ran a 11.80 in the Mercedes. Enjoy