Skyline R33 GTR vs Acura RSX Turbo

Nissan Skyrine R33 GTR with Boost restrictor disabled and a few bolt on modifications Vs. Acura RSX turbo with built motor on i believe a billet 6262.

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Sunday Afternoon Nissan GTR's Cruising
We had just gotten done eating lunch and decided let's cruise around Dallas Texas a bit and have fun in some modified GTR's before we head back to Florida! Here is a pass of the gunmetal car since I didn't get much of it in the video.

Turbo K20 EG Civic Highway Pulls
Millers pump gas tune, in car version of the previous video I posted with the car on the Dyno. Makes 502whp on 93 pump gas.

Built EG Civic Hatch K20 Turbo
Just a quick clip on the way to grab some lunch after putting new stainless brake lines on his car.

R33 GTR Skyline Single Turbo Highway Pull 600whp+
Just a little 2nd/3rd/4th pull onto the highway. Stopped the pull at 150 mph. Car is on a Borgwarner S362 FMW turbo, AEM Series 2, etc supporting mods... Stock internal long block on 28 pounds.